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Victims of car accidents might be able to file for compensation

Recently, the half-brother of a Connecticut police officer was charged with negligent homicide after hitting a woman in a crosswalk and fleeing the scene. The officer is also being investigated for his role in the events following the collision. Though many victims or their families may be able to file for monetary damages after these types of car accidents, there are certain conditions that must be met.

According to the investigators, the fatal accident occurred in the early pre-dawn hours of a recent Saturday. Video footage collected from the surrounding cameras purportedly showed the victim attempting to cross at a crosswalk while the "do not walk" sign was illuminated. As the 58-year-old woman was approaching the opposite sidewalk, the charged man was proceeding down the street on a green light. The video recorded the driver hitting the victim, with the impact throwing the victim an estimated 50 feet. The driver reportedly touched his brakes and then fled the scene.

Negligent actions of another can result in wrongful death lawsuit

One of the greatest tragedies a family can suffer is the loss of a loved one through the negligence or careless actions of others. Though nothing can replace the life of a cherished child, a wrongful death lawsuit can help ease the burden imposed by monetary losses that frequently accompany these untimely losses. One recent accident has taken a terrible toll on some Connecticut families.

According to the police report, the tragic accident was initiated by a police pursuit of a suspect in an unspecified criminal matter. Officials were seeking to stop an 18-year-old man who was attempting to elude them in his motor vehicle. In the course of the pursuit, the driver collided with another vehicle. That impact then caused the teen's car to swerve onto a public sidewalk. Once there, it traveled down the pedestrian walkway and hit several people.

Wrongful death claims may ease monetary burdens for families

There are few scenarios in life that can turn a family's life upside down like a sudden and tragic accident. When a loved one is lost due to these horrifying events, there are often more than the physical losses and emotional pain for survivors to deal with in the month and years ahead. At these times, Connecticut families may consider their options for recovering their monetary losses through a wrongful death claim.

Recently, a truck driver had a court appearance related to a deadly accident in 2014. According to the accident report at the time, the trucker, who is now 62, was operating his semi on Interstate 95 when there was a slowdown in traffic flow ahead of him. Apparently, he failed to take actions to slow his vehicle in an effort to avoid a collision.

Child suffers serious animal bites in dog attack

Social media platforms carry an infinite number of videos that feature animals and children interacting in a variety of settings. Though house pets are expected to behave in a certain manner with youngsters, the fact remains that any pet is capable of inflicting serious animal bites. Recently, one Connecticut neighborhood was shocked by an attack on a child.

The victim, an 11-year-old boy, was heard by a neighbor when he started screaming. The man hurried from his home to see the child being attacked by a pit-bull type dog. The animal was biting the boy about his face. The man then rushed to the child's defense.

Family of man killed in crash might consider wrongful death claim

In spite of the increased numbers of commercial vehicle traffic on Connecticut's highways, there are still some roadways where these large vehicles are banned. Many of these roads are spanned by overpasses that were not designed for large trucks and are prohibited based on height restrictions. After one man was killed in a crash that was related to this ban, the family may choose to see if there is a legal recourse for filing a wrongful death claim.

The wreck reportedly was caused when a driver of a tractor-trailer illegally entered the restricted highway. As the driver approached the overpass, he apparently realized that his vehicle would not clear the structure. The driver, who was from out of state, then applied his brakes abruptly. The man in the car traveling behind the truck then slammed into the rear of the commercial vehicle.

Families harmed by Connecticut car accidents may seek restitution

When tragedy strikes a Connecticut family, there are many negative consequences that can result. Car accidents take a terrible toll, not only physically and emotionally but often financially as well. In many cases, if the wreck was the result of the actions or negligence of a third party, then the victims or their families may choose to seek restitution.

These accidents can happen to any family at any time, as one family recently had the terrible misfortune to discover. A former Connecticut representative, Selim Noujaim, was purportedly out erecting election campaign signs. As he was engaged in his efforts, he was struck by a passing vehicle.

Woman suffers injury due to animal bites from loose dog

Just as parents are held accountable for ensuring that their children receive all of the medical care they require for good health, pet owners are likewise required to make sure that their pets are immunized and licensed. When a pet attacks an innocent person, the resulting animal bites may carry more risks than the physical wounds. One Connecticut woman recently faced not only the bite wounds but was also advised to receive rabies shots.

The attack occurred when the woman was walking down a street past a multi-family home that housed a pit-bull type dog. According to reports, the animal was normally confined and was used to help guard the property. However, on this particular day, the dog was able to escape the confines of the yard and attacked the woman as she was passing by the property.

Some Connecticut towns see rise in fatal car accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the numbers of fatal crashes has risen. While some communities in Connecticut have been able to take steps to reduce deadly car accidents, other sections of the state have seen an increase. Many of these towns are implementing plans to help prevent their citizens from becoming victims of these wrecks.

Overall, the country has seen an increase of an estimated 5.6 percent in the numbers of fatal crashes. However, Connecticut has experienced a much larger jump at an estimated 10 percent over the same time period. While it would appear from police reports that the numbers of crashes attributed to distracted driving have decreased, a spokesperson from AAA stated that police are not always able to discern whether a driver was distracted by any cabin features, including the on-board entertainment and satellite features. Furthermore, the number of drivers who are under the influence of intoxicating substances has also risen.

3 key areas that may lead to premises liability injuries

Every week, customers suffer serious injuries when they encounter a hazardous condition while visiting a local business or other public venue. However, a consumer may be unsure as to whether the business can be held accountable for his or her physical injuries. While there may be other factors involved in a particular incident, there are three key points that may help establish a valid premises liability lawsuit for those injured in such a manner in Connecticut.

Every state has established its own laws regarding the responsibility that each party may bear when it comes to a slip-and-fall or trip injury at a local business. However, as long as a customer has lawfully entered a premises, the duty to ensure a safe property falls mainly on the business owner. Generally, there are three key areas that may be neglected that can result in a serious personal injury.

State revises car seat laws to prevent injuries in car accidents

For years, parents have been advised to keep infants in rear-facing car seats until they reach the age of 12 months. However, pediatricians have been advocating for these youngest passengers to remain in a rear-facing position until the age of 24 months, and lawmakers have now concurred. Connecticut children may have better odds of avoiding serious injuries during car accidents with this change.

Effective October 1, 2017, all parents of children under the age of 24 months and less than 30 pounds will be required to ensure that their children are properly fastened into a rear-facing car seat. Pediatricians have stated that the immature neck muscles of these younger children are not capable of preventing a child from suffering a serious injury such as whiplash in the event of a wreck. Additionally, children up to the age of five and under 40 pounds must be restrained in an appropriate car seat that includes the stipulated safety harness.