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Distracted drivers are often cause of potential wrongful death

It happens too many times -- a distracted driver allows his or her attention to be diverted from the primary task of safely operating a vehicle. These tragic and preventable crashes often leave the families of victims emotionally and financially devastated. Connecticut families who lose loved ones through these types of accidents may consider whether to seek recompense through the filing of a wrongful death civil suit.

Recently, a 19-year-old man presented himself to the Connecticut authorities in connection with a fatal accident that occurred last May. According to officials, the teen was driving his truck in the eastbound lane of Interstate 84 near the exit 11. A 64-year-old man had pulled his vehicle off the side of the road and had exited his car.

Connecticut town takes firmer stance to help prevent animal bites

In today's pet obsessed culture, one of the draws in many communities is the presence of dog parks and other areas where pets are permitted. Unfortunately, these types of environments often come with a high risk for visitors or their pets to become victims of unprovoked animal bites. In response to increased incidents, one Connecticut town announced it was taking a tougher stance in order to prevent these and other issues.

The town of Fairfield issued a statement that it would now be pursuing a zero tolerance approach to infractions of the Town Code concerning dogs at all parks throughout the community. Residents have recently reported an increase in animal aggression, along with nuisance-related complaints at various parks throughout the region. Several incidents involved attacks upon both people and their dogs by other pets that were not properly restrained.

Stolen vehicles involved in serious and deadly car accidents

Over just the span of a few hours, the decision to steal vehicles lead to the death of one driver and sent two minors to a local children's hospital. Connecticut officials stated that the car accidents were not the result of any police pursuits. One crash resulted in a woman suffering life-threatening injuries.

The first wreck involved three vehicles at the intersection of two local roads. The crash occurred shortly after 11 p.m. on a recent Monday. According to the report, a 22-year-old woman suffered critical injuries. Sadly, shortly after she was transported for care, she was declared deceased. The two people in a second car suffered only minor injuries, and the driver of the allegedly stolen truck fled the scene and eluded capture.

Wrongful death suits often follow fatal accidents in Connecticut

There is nothing a parent fears more than losing a child in a tragic accident. When these deaths are the result of negligence on the part of other individuals the loss is often compounded with frustration and anger. Connecticut families who lose loved ones to these types of accidents may seek justice and recompense by filing a wrongful death civil lawsuit against the party or parties believed responsible.

Recently, Connecticut police announced the arrest of a man after a hit-and-run accident that took the lives of two young women. According to the findings of the investigation, the fatal accident occurred just before 10 p.m. on a recent weeknight. The women had just exited a cab when a vehicle operated by a 24-year-old man struck them. He then fled the scene.

Families may seek closure, recompense through wrongful death suit

In the aftermath of a tragic fatal accident, families are often left with feelings of devastating loss. Along with the emotional pain of losing a cherished loved one, there may be the added burden of significant financial damages that accrue in the weeks and months after a fatal crash. One way families may attempt to relieve those monetary burdens and seek at least some sense of closure is through the filing of a wrongful death claim within the Connecticut civil court system.

Recently, two foreign visitors here on business were traveling along a local route in Windsor. As they proceeded toward their afternoon destination, a garbage truck was traveling along the same route. For reasons that are still unclear, the large truck and the smaller passenger car were involved in what appears to have been a head-on crash.

Wrongful death civil suits may bring sense of closure to families

When a loved one dies as the result of another party's negligence, the pain that families feel may last a lifetime. When one family loses several beloved members to a single tragedy, the grief may be almost paralyzing and that can be compounded by the burden imposed by the monetary damages sustained. Though nothing can undo what has already occurred, a wrongful death claim filed in a Connecticut's civil court may help ease the monetary burdens while providing some sense of closure to the surviving family. 

Recently, one woman was in criminal court as a judge sentenced the trucker who took the lives of her children and fiance in a horrific crash. The accident, which occurred in Oct. 2014, happened along Interstate 95 in Waterford. The woman, her fiance and two children were traveling in their passenger vehicle when the traffic ahead of them slowed due to a minor traffic incident. Unfortunately, the 62-year-old truck driver who was traveling behind them failed to slow his commercial rig in time to prevent a collision.

Safety group presses for new laws to reduce state's car accidents

The majority of teenagers cannot wait until they hit the magical age of 16 and the possibility of obtaining their driver's license. This could be on a list for revisions though if one safety group is successful in its efforts to reduce the numbers of serious car accidents in Connecticut. The numbers of fatal crashes has steadily increased in the state over the past several years.

The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety issued a report that compiles the numbers of serious crashes throughout the nation. The president of the group stated that hoping for new technology such as automated driving cars to prevent accidents is not realistic at this time. It lists the states according to a color chart that reflects the numbers of fatal crashes along with whether the state has enacted any laws that the group proposes to increase safety.

Car accidents often create monetary problems for months

When the news features reports of a wreck involving more than one vehicle, thoughts may immediately turn to concerns over the physical well-being of any victims. While it is true that car accidents often result in physical injuries that will heal over time, they may also create a financial hardship that is not felt until a few weeks or months after the initial incident. One recent crash in Connecticut may leave serious monetary damages in its wake for the victims involved.

Connecticut officials received reports of a traffic incident that purportedly involved a transit bus and two passenger vehicles. There was at least one witness who stated that there were additional vehicles involved, but police did not confirm that claim. One passenger on the bus stated that the wreck was caused by the bus driver failing to obey a traffic signal.

Connecticut town residents want harsher penalty for animal bites

The vast majority of dog owners take care to ensure that their pets behave properly. In the event that a dog escapes its property, an innocent bystander could suffer serious physical injuries from animal bites. Even though Connecticut already has strict liability laws regarding unprovoked attacks, residents in one town want new measures in place.

Recently, the board of selectmen in one town held a community meeting during which the issue of attacks by dogs was addressed. A new law in the town has been proposed that would result in any dog that attacks another pet or a human being put down immediately. Apparently, an increase in dog attacks locally has prompted the board to act.

Family has filed suit for wrongful death in dump truck collision

Connecticut residents are aware of the danger posed by large commercial vehicles and they likely drive with caution whenever they encounter these vehicles on the roads. Unfortunately, even the most diligent driver can become a victim of a fatal wreck when his or her automobile is struck by these larger vehicles. Recently, a family filed a wrongful death suit against a company when its driver killed a loved one.

The deadly wreck occurred in May of last year. According to the police investigation, the collision was the fault of the driver of a large dump truck who ran into the car driven by a 69-year-old woman. The 30-year-old driver was charged with failure to stop at a red traffic signal along with criminal misconduct by vehicle, which lead to the woman's fatal injuries.