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Fatal traffic accidents could prompt wrongful death claims

One of the most devastating events that can befall families is losing a loved one in a sudden and tragic manner. One of the most frequent causes of these deaths is traffic accidents caused by an inattentive or otherwise negligent motorist. Connecticut families who have been forever changed by these often preventable crashes may seek their own justice and closure through a wrongful death civil lawsuit.

One such accident claimed the life of a father of two children in June of 2016. The woman criminally charged in this wreck was recently sentenced to serve a 10-year prison sentence for causing the accident. The 43-year-old victim was riding his motorcycle down a local road when the 24-year-old woman pulled out of an intersecting road and collided with the motorcycle.

Investigations into motorcycle accidents may take months

When a loved one is seriously injured or killed in a Connecticut motor vehicle crash, it may be frustrating for families to have to wait for justice. However, in many motorcycle accidents, an in-depth investigation may take months to complete in order to determine who may have been at fault. Recently, police completed an investigation that ended in a woman choosing to enter a guilty plea.

The accident occurred in October and led to a four-month investigation. Police determined that the crash was caused by a 59-year-old woman driving her automobile into oncoming traffic, which included approximately 18 motorcyclists traveling together. The crash killed a 33-year-old mother. Several other motorcyclists were injured, including one who suffered the loss of a leg.

City takes steps to protect the public from animal bites

Many cities and towns have animal control ordinances to protect the general public. At times, some of these municipalities and cities may revisit their local laws in the aftermath of an especially terrifying dog attack. Unfortunately, many in Connecticut have suffered serious injuries from animal bites.

Two years ago, a woman died after a terrifying dog mauling.  Recently, the New Haven City Council passed a change in its ordinance with the intention of preventing anyone from suffering a similar fate in the future. The changes were proposed by an alder who was an eyewitness to the vicious attack on the woman. The victim lost both of her eyes, a leg and eventually her life due to the ferocity of the encounter. The changes are related to how potentially dangerous animals are classified and gives animal control workers the authority to label a dog as being a potential threat.

Car accidents take a heavy toll on pedestrian lives and finances

Anytime someone makes a decision to cross a Connecticut roadway, the potential for a serious accident exists. In spite of traffic lights and marked crosswalks, car accidents that involve pedestrians seldom end well for the person on foot. Many of these tragedies result in death or significant injuries.

Recently, a 40-year-old woman died hours after being struck by a car in Wolcott. According to police, the victim was returning from a neighborhood store on a short errand. As she attempted to cross the street near her apartment complex, she was struck by a vehicle. According to the investigative report, the motorist did remain on the scene of the crash.

Motorcycle accidents often caused by inattentive drivers

The decision to ride a motorcycle comes with a silent acknowledgment that one may face many hazards from road conditions, weather and other motorists. To counteract these risks, the vast majority of motorcyclists pay close attention to the conditions and fellow drivers surrounding them. Unfortunately, even the most diligent Connecticut riders can suffer serious injuries when they get caught up in serious motorcycle accidents.

Recently, police responded to a report at approximately 8 a.m. of a collision between a motorcycle and a vehicle. The accident occurred near a ramp for Interstate 95 and a local road. According to officials, the wreck took place in the intersection when the car struck the motorcyclist. The unidentified rider purportedly suffered serious injuries in the collision.

Growing problem could lead to increased victims of animal bites

Specially trained guide dogs are an invaluable asset to the lives of their owners. Unfortunately, with the increase in other types of service animals, many are concerned about the danger these animals pose toward unsuspecting victims. While some states are considering changes in service animal laws to reduce the chances of serious animal bites, Connecticut legislators have not made any changes regarding therapy animals.

The concern over emotional support dogs comes from the fact that many owners are purchasing false documents that state the pet in question is a trained service animal. Owners are taking these pets into public areas by claiming that they require the presence of the animal in order to go about their daily lives. While there are many tasks that service animals can perform, those that are true service animals undergo extensive and costly training in order to provide the specialized assistance required by their owners.

Shoppers injuries may fall under premises liability laws

Normally, the greatest danger shoppers may face while visiting the nearby shopping mall is exceeding their budget. However, the number of shoppers who are injured while going about their daily shopping tasks has increased. Those who have been injured while patrons of a Connecticut business may be able to recover their damages under the premises liability laws.

There are several types of injuries that a shopper may suffer when visiting their local stores. The majority of them are minor and will not hamper one's daily activities. There are more serious injuries that can occur, including fractures, head or spinal injuries and those that can be caused by icy parking lots or overcrowding. These types of injuries can cause long-lasting or even permanent disability along with the associated monetary damages.

Trucking industry reveals concerns that can lead to car accidents

The concept of safe driving is one that is at the forefront of the trucking industry. Car accidents involving these commercial vehicles often have a tragic outcome. A recent study has shown that commercial drivers in Connecticut have a better safety record than other areas of the country.

The two-year study was conducted by Verizon Connect and reviewed the driving habits of more than 6,000 fleets consisting of anywhere from two to approximately 200 vehicles. The study took many factors into consideration, including the numbers of fatalities compared to miles driven and the numbers of speeding events over both time and distance. The report concluded that tractor-trailer drivers along the Northeast Coast tend to have a better safety record than those in the South and areas of the Mid-West.

Car accidents take terrible toll on Connecticut families

Making the rounds for daily errands and activities is a commonplace occurrence for families everywhere. Most Connecticut residents likely never consider the possibility that unforeseen events, such as car accidents, could turn life upside in an instant. Sadly, for several families, a crash involving three cars has left several victims with life-threatening injuries.

Connecticut officials stated that the collision took place around 10 p.m. on a Friday evening. A vehicle was traveling east along a local road as it approached a signal light. According to the report, the driver of an SUV failed to stop in time and hit two other vehicles that were stopped at the intersection.

Victims of motorcycle accidents often do not survive injuries

Riding a motorcycle is a simple pleasure that bike enthusiasts indulge in as often as possible. The vast majority of Connecticut motorcyclists are diligent about riding their machines in the manner that is safest for themselves and others in or near the road. In spite of their precautions, even the most experienced riders can become victims of deadly motorcycle accidents.

Recently, police responded to a report of a crash that left a man lying in the road with his motorcycle nearby. According officials, a 46-year-old man was operating his motorcycle in the westbound lane of a local road as he neared an intersection. A dark colored vehicle approached the crossroads from the south. It is unclear at this time whether the driver of the car obeyed the stop sign.

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