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Car accidents take terrible toll on Connecticut families

Making the rounds for daily errands and activities is a commonplace occurrence for families everywhere. Most Connecticut residents likely never consider the possibility that unforeseen events, such as car accidents, could turn life upside in an instant. Sadly, for several families, a crash involving three cars has left several victims with life-threatening injuries.

Connecticut officials stated that the collision took place around 10 p.m. on a Friday evening. A vehicle was traveling east along a local road as it approached a signal light. According to the report, the driver of an SUV failed to stop in time and hit two other vehicles that were stopped at the intersection.

Victims of motorcycle accidents often do not survive injuries

Riding a motorcycle is a simple pleasure that bike enthusiasts indulge in as often as possible. The vast majority of Connecticut motorcyclists are diligent about riding their machines in the manner that is safest for themselves and others in or near the road. In spite of their precautions, even the most experienced riders can become victims of deadly motorcycle accidents.

Recently, police responded to a report of a crash that left a man lying in the road with his motorcycle nearby. According officials, a 46-year-old man was operating his motorcycle in the westbound lane of a local road as he neared an intersection. A dark colored vehicle approached the crossroads from the south. It is unclear at this time whether the driver of the car obeyed the stop sign.

Motorcycle accidents often result in fatal head injuries

Connecticut emergency responders are frequently called to the scene of serious crashes. Unfortunately, when the call is in response to motorcycle accidents, there is often the expectation that the injured parties may have suffered serious or even fatal head traumas. Many of these wrecks occur too quickly for a motorcyclist to take evasive actions that could potentially save his or her life.

One recent September evening, first responders were once again summoned to the scene of a crash involving a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle. The wreck took place in an intersection of two local roads. Investigators stated that a 25-year-old was driving a motorcycle when an 18-year-old motorist in a Jeep apparently crossed his path. The impact caused the biker to be ejected from his seat and flung through the air before slamming onto the surface of the roadway.

Fight over whether to euthanize dog responsible for animal bites

Last summer, a boy suffered serious injuries when a dog attacked him for retrieving a ball. Now, the Connecticut town where the attack occurred is in a battle over whether the canine should be euthanized. While Connecticut has laws regarding animal bites, there are no clear-cut policies regarding purportedly dangerous dogs. 

When the attack occurred, animal control agents seized the dog and decided that it should be euthanized. The dog's owner, who happens to be a prominent citizen, launched a campaign to persuade the town's officials to rescind the order and return to dog to its home. In order to achieve his goals, the owner retained the services of an attorney as well as a public relations firm to sway public opinion in favor of sparing the dog's life.

Serious car accidents pose threat to Connecticut travelers

Traveling the interstates can be the most efficient method of getting to one's destination quickly. However, due to the high speeds and heavy volume of traffic on these roadways, the danger of being involved in serious car accidents should result in motorists exercising due diligence behind the wheel. Unfortunately, a crash can occur without any warning, as one Connecticut victim recently discovered.

Officials reported that a section of I-91 North between two exits was the scene of a serious accident that left one man with critical injuries. The report indicated that a vehicle was pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway for reasons that are yet to be determined. The driver of that vehicle then exited and was apparently standing near his car while another vehicle was headed in his direction.

Family claims business is liable for wrongful death of loved one

Connecticut law states that if an establishment continues to serve an inebriated customer alcoholic beverages and that person later causes an accident involving injury or death -- it may be held accountable financially. A recent lawsuit filed by the family of a man killed in a crash is invoking the Dram Shop Act in the death of an 87-year-old man. The wrongful death civil lawsuit seeks recovery of monetary damages related to the fatal wreck that occurred in 2017.

The lawsuit claims that Kathy Berman, wife of ESPN personality Chris Berman, stopped at a local bar in Woodbury where she was served multiple alcoholic beverages. Allegedly, she became inebriated but was still served by the wait staff. The suit claims that when she left the bar, she was significantly impaired but nevertheless got behind the wheel of her automobile. Just a short time after she left the establishment, Berman was involved in a deadly car crash.

A wrongful death civil suit may help right at least 1 wrong

Losing a loved one through natural causes is never easy. However, losing a loved one through a preventable accident that was caused by negligence makes the emotional pain and loss that much worse. Though nothing can restore the one who died, a successfully filed wrongful death civil suit within Connecticut's civil justice system may help right at least one wrong. 

There are so many things that can go wrong during the course of an ordinary day. The driver who runs a red light, a doctor who makes a critical error during surgery, or even a poorly secured load on a truck can result in the sudden loss of your beloved family member. Though we make every effort to make sure that all of our choices in life will ensure the safety and well-being of our family members, not everyone will take those same measures. So, what happens when a loved one dies through the fault of someone's actions?

Victims of motorcycle accidents seldom walk away without injuries

No matter how experienced or skilled a driver may be, the operation of a motorcycle is often a dangerous undertaking. Those who get caught up in motorcycle accidents seldom walk away from such terrifying wrecks without suffering serious injuries. Another recent collision in Connecticut between a motorist and a biker resulted in one suffering critical injuries.

According to the early reports, a 77-year-old woman was driving her pickup truck along a local route. As she attempted to navigate a turn onto another road, she purportedly entered the path of an oncoming motorcycle. The 28-year-old operator of the bike was unable to avoid colliding with the larger vehicle.

Animal bites can result in several serious complications

Every year, countless victims seek emergency treatment of injuries inflicted by pets. According to statistics, the majority of victims of animal bites are young males older than 5 but under 10 years of age. Many Connecticut residents have endured the trauma and pain caused by these often violent attacks.

Of immediate concern when one of these attacks occurs is assessing the types of physical injuries that have been inflicted. There are several types of wounds that a powerful dog can cause, including crush and tearing types of wounds. These attacks can cause fractures or near-amputation injuries, depending on the size and location of the wounds. If an attack is severe enough, a victim could face the risk of bleeding to death or suffering permanent disfigurement or disability.

Bus and car accidents need concerted effort to provide care

Traveling by public transportation is often a convenient way of commuting for many people. One of the drawbacks, however, is that the passengers are helpless to avoid any possible car accidents. One recent crash involving a Connecticut SEAT bus and car sent multiple people to area hospitals for treatment of undisclosed injuries.

According to the early reports, the bus driver was headed down state Route 32 in the through traffic lane. A car approaching from another direction purportedly attempted to complete a left-hand turn. The car was then struck by the bus. Police reported that the car was then dragged by the larger vehicle for an unspecified distance.

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