It is not uncommon to hear of bed bug infestations at hotels in Connecticut and elsewhere. These little pests may pack a small bite, but they can do a lot of damage — physically, psychologically and even financially. Anyone who has suffered as a result of coming in contact with these bugs during a hotel stay may be able to file a premises liability claim against the property owners and any others believed responsible.

Currently, Connecticut does not really have any laws regarding bed bug infestations. Like most other states, property owners are just responsible for maintaining clean environments. If bed bugs are found, appropriate actions to remedy the situation are to be taken.

Quite a few people think that bed bugs are harmless, though disgusting. However, for some who come in contact with these bugs, allergic reactions, rashes and scarring can occur. In some cases, the scarring may be permanent. Not only will this be physically damaging, but it can have long-term psychological consequences as well. Bed bugs are also great hitchhikers and will attach to clothing or suitcases, so some victims of hotel infestations may bring the problem home with them, which can be expensive to resolve.

When staying at a hotel, whether in Connecticut or elsewhere, it is reasonable to expect a room that is clean and free of pests. Those who find otherwise and who have suffered as a result may have legal recourse. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, a premises liability claim may be filed in civil court. If litigation proves successful, damages may be awarded.

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