As a motorcycle rider, you understand the importance of wearing protective gear every time you climb behind the handlebars of your favorite bike. Still, even with a safety-rated helmet, riding jacket, boots, gloves and other gear, there is the potential for sustaining a serious injury in a collision with an irresponsible driver.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains that a traumatic brain injury interrupts the normal functionality of the brain. You can sustain a TBI from an impact or jolt to the head. A penetrating injury, where a foreign object breaches the skull, can also cause a TBI. As you may suspect, TBIs are common in motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, if you sustain one, you may experience a variety of life-changing consequences.

Vision problems

When you ride your motorcycle, you use your eyes to anticipate turns, avoid road hazards and navigate roadways. A TBI can interfere with your ability to see, though. You may experience a complete or partial loss of vision after a brain injury. You may also lose your ability to judge distances effectively. Further, you may develop a sensitivity to light, making riding your motorcycle virtually impossible.

Sensory problems

TBIs can interfere with the way your body communicates with your brain. Following a TBI, you may have trouble controlling your movements. You may also not be able to tell the difference between minor touches and extreme pressure. Or, you may lose sensation in your hands, arms, legs and other body parts.

Emotional problems

If you suffer a TBI on your motorcycle, you may experience deep depression. You may also have trouble controlling your emotions. That is, you may experience inappropriate laughter, sudden fits of sadness or other emotional difficulties. Even worse, your personality may change altogether.

As you may suspect, a TBI can be incredibly painful. Unfortunately, even though you may be able to manage pain, you may experience a variety of other hardships that stem from your motorcycle accident.