Interstate 95 that runs the entire length of the eastern coast of the United States. Connecticut motorists are certainly aware of the dangers of car accidents along this highway and the terrible toll these crashes can take on the lives of victims and their families. There have been between 500 and 700 wrong-way collisions every year throughout the state during each of the last five years.

The most recent wrong-way wreck occurred along a portion of I-95 that connects Connecticut with a neighboring state. According to the police report, a 38-year-old man was driving his vehicle against traffic along I-95 southbound. It is unclear how long the driver was traveling in the wrong direction before his car crashed into another vehicle driven by a 26-year-old woman. The impact of the crash killed one passenger in each vehicle.

The surviving crash victims were transported to medical centers,. By the following evening, only the driver of the second car was listed as an inpatient. The 26-year-old was reportedly in fair condition with no word as to her injuries or future prognosis.

Connecticut officials are still conducting their investigation, and at this time, the wrong-way driver has not been charged. The entrance ramp in that area has been described as potentially misleading due to its positioning in relation to a local road. Officials have discussed improving the safety for motorists, but the proposal was denied based on cost and potential danger to maintenance and emergency crews. A serious car crash can cause devastating injuries that can leave victims with permanent physical and emotional limitations. Whenever victims have suffered serious injuries — or families have lost loved ones due to fatal car accidents — they may be entitled to seek recompense for all applicable monetary damages through the civil justice system.