Americans spend billions of dollars every year taking care of their pets. However, while the majority of these animals are peaceful family members, there is always a risk of serious animal bites in certain circumstances. An elderly Connecticut man recently suffered serious injuries when a neighbor’s dog attacked.

The man’s neighbors came to his aid when a large dog escaped from a nearby home and attacked him. According to witnesses at the scene, the dog purportedly singled out this particular man and repeatedly charged him every time others tried to pull him off of the victim. Police who responded to the call for help stated that the animal was being restrained by neighbors when they arrived on the scene.

The victim was transported for care of numerous injuries. One eyewitness reported that he was limping and was bleeding profusely from multiple wounds. The report indicated that the 78-year-old man suffered bite wounds to his hand, biceps and rib cage, and also suffered a broken pelvis in the attack.

The dogs owner consented to having her pet euthanized and tested for rabies. The Connecticut humane society and police department are working to conduct an investigation into this incident. When one suffers from serious animal bites, there is more than the physical injuries that have been inflicted, as many victims will also have emotional and psychological damage that they may never fully recover from, in addition to the costly medical care these wounds require. Survivors of these attacks may decide to file a personal injury suit against the owners or other responsible parties in order to recover the monetary losses they likely sustained as a result of these frightening incidents.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Boxer Mix Attacks 79-Year-Old Man in West Hartford“, July 19, 2017