It doesn’t take a great deal of trauma to send a person into shock. One open wound on a limb or a knock to the head is enough to do it. In some cases you don’t necessarily even have to have suffered an injury. You can be involved in a car accident and come out relatively unscathed and still suffer some level of shock.

We’re reminded of this in the wake of an accident over the weekend in a town east of Hartford. According to news accounts about it, a woman had just gotten out of a minivan and was in front of it, apparently getting ready to cross the street.

According to one report, as the woman was waiting, a small Ford Focus wagon crashed into the back of the van and then caromed off the road and into a clump of bushes. The force of the impact pushed the minivan forward and the woman became pinned beneath it.

The report says both the woman and the driver of the wagon were injured and hospitalized. She suffered what are described as minor, non-life threatening injuries to her legs. The wagon driver suffered more serious injuries. Police are said to be investigating to see what factors may have contributed to the crash. Alcohol, speeding or distracted driving are all said to be possibilities.

Regardless of how minor the injuries to the victim may be in this case, one can surely imagine that she must have been thrown into a state of physical and emotional shock and confusion. When someone falls victim to another person’s apparent negligence, they may find it helpful to seek compensation for costs and other losses suffered. That’s something for which the negligent party might rightly be held accountable.

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Source:, “Woman pinned under her own car after being hit in Willimantic,” Jim McKeever, June 21, 2015