What Our Clients Say About Us

From T.O.

“Great firm, they are always there whenever you need help. friendly and reliable. Thank you so much.”

From Cliff Pinnock

“Great experience from the day I called seeking legal assistance. Very responsive and great client service. Highly recommend the team at Adler Law Group!”

From Ricky Shiver

“Outstanding Job!! I recommend this firm to anyone with a traffic violation in Connecticut. Great accommodation for Out-of-State clients also. This firm adopted to downloading $cashapp for retainer fees & assisted me towards the best possible results. Kudos!!”

From Corey Jimenez

“Larry is a very direct kind of attorney who listen to his clients needs and cares about the final outcome of the case he worked for me. His attention to detail blew me away. I will recommended Larry to any family or friend in need of someone who really cares. Mr. Lawrence “Larry” Adler you are the best regardless of the kind of case being handle out of your office into the court room. Again Thank You.”

From Steve Millay

“I hired Adler Law Group to defend me in a business contract lawsuit. When I initially met with Larry I was very impressed with his professionalism. He was also very easy to talk to and instantly understood what my needs were. He eased the legal concerns I had and I knew right then that I had made the right choice. He always answered my emails in a timely manner and with the help of his strong team he not only answered the complaint but filed a counterclaim which ended in judgment to my favor. This is a top legal team and I highly recommend them for your legal needs.”

From Hugo Tellez

“Larry Adler and his team represented us. Since the first call we had, he gave us a very good confidence and we were not wrong. He and his team are very professional. I would recommend them 100%.”

From Carl & Nancy Fraleigh

“Dear Mr. Adler,

It is such a relief to have this matter resolved and behind us.

We would like to thank you for all of your help in this matter, and are very happy with the services you provided. Not only would I recommend you to others, we most certainly will call if other services are needed in the future.

Many thanks and have a wonderful day!”

From a client who wished to remain anonymous

“I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to meet with me today. I could not dream of a better lawyer!”

From Racquel

“Attorney Adler,

Since the initial stages I felt that you had my interest at heart; you accommodated my consultation on the weekend when everybody else was unwilling to. You handled my case with extreme competence and professionalism. The outcome has positively impacted my life and for this I am extremely grateful. Thank you for having represented me.”

From ECB, an auto accident client

“Word’s cannot describe the gratitude I have towards Larry for defending me in a most difficult lawsuit against me. I was involved in an automobile accident an being at fault put a tremendous amount of financial and emotional strain on me. In the end, after six years, Larry was able to help me eliminate all of my financial liabilities. His superior knowledge of my case, plus his outstanding resolve to find an equitable solution for both parties was a miraculous outcome. If I ever needed an Attorney to represent me again I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Larry again. Good man and a tremendous Attorney.”

From a family


Words cannot express our gratitude for all that you did with the time and effort you put into defending us. This lawsuit was the most difficult situation Nick and I found ourselves in but you made it easier knowing you were on our side. We never doubted your commitment to us and we are forever grateful.

All the best,

Lucy, Nick, Nicklaus, Alex, and Alivia”

From a client who wished to remain anonymous

“Attorney Adler,

Thanks for taking care of this so quickly. The documents look fine to me. Thanks again for handling (our son’s) situation – your funny, easygoing manner made it easier for him.”

From Alexa Webber

“Attorney Adler was awesome and has helped me overcome a major lawsuit. My family and I were impressed at his willingness to come to our home, twice, for our convenience. He always kept us updated and involved.

His staff, particularly Dorothy, whom we mostly worked with, was kind to us, thoughtful, always listened, and very responsive. He provided his honest legal thoughts, with balance. Attorney Adler guided us through legal processes and made sure we understood exactly what was going on. He demonstrated an understanding of our family system. He took interest in getting to know us and even after the settlement, continued to show interest, with concerns in my best interest.

The final settlement exceeded our expectations, and although I will have lifelong consequences due to my injury, I will also have greater ability to enjoy my life due to the financial settlement and Attorney Adler’s hard work. I would definitely recommend Attorney Adler to anyone who is interested in finding a great lawyer to help them reach a fair settlement.”

From a juror in a recent jury trial

“Just wanted to express how pleased I was to hear from our foreman that there was agreement for the only correct judgment that was handed down in this case : justice for the “your client”

It was a pleasure to watch a fine lawyer doing what he was trained to do: litigate in a professional manner without the frivolity of transparent and at times incredulous behavior of the other lawyer which reached the level of sheer behavior. Thank you for making my experience a rewarding one.”

From Joyce B. Martin of East Hartford, CT

“Having worked with Larry Adler in the late 90’s, I knew he was a great attorney, so in mid-2014, when I needed some advice and assistance with an issue involving trade practices, I contacted him. As I expected, Larry was eager to help me.

Throughout my case, Larry was more than patient. When I spoke with him, he was always personable, but firm, concise and to the point, while being reassuring that he was in control and that everything was going to work out.

He capably negotiated an excellent resolution of my issue and successfully resolved it.

I will always be grateful for Larry’s help in resolving this serious and complicated issue for me. Larry Adler is extremely efficient and steadfastly dedicated to his law practice and I would recommend him and his firm to anyone needing legal assistance.”

From Jonathan Perkins, a fellow Personal Injury Lawyer in Hartford, CT

“We’ve worked with Larry Adler on a number of cases and I’m impressed with the way he does whatever he can to look out for his clients’ interests.”

From Scott Camassar of North Stonington, CT, who served as opposing counsel on a personal injury matter

“I endorse this lawyer. Larry is a highly skilled litigator, always thorough and prepared, with great knowledge and breadth of experience.”

From Mark Arons, a fellow Personal Injury Lawyer in Westport, CT

“I endorse this lawyer. Larry is very knowledgeable and skilled. Also, aggressive and does a great job for his clients. But he is also fair and a gentleman.”

From Jonathan Reed, a Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

“I endorse this lawyer.”

From Christian Lassen, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA

“I endorse this lawyer.”

From Michael Goldman, an Admiralty/Maritime Attorney from Brookline, MA who worked as counsel to the firm

“I eagerly endorse this lawyer. I have worked for him as local counsel in a complex ” ocean marine” boat case that has litigated on parallel tracks in the Massachusetts State and Federal Courts. I’ve learned a great deal from working with him in defending a marine property damage suit. In particular, I’ve observed Larry Adler deal very skillfully with the rudest and most combative opposing counsel.”

From Patrick Tomasiewicz of Hartford, CT, who served as opposing counsel in a criminal defense matter

“I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Adler defended a complex premises liability case that I brought on behalf of my client. The medicals were voluminous and liability and causation issues were complex. There was a lot at stake in this case and Mr. Adler was persistent in defending his client and very thorough in his assessment of the case. He pursued the matter doggedly but fairly. We ultimately resolved the case after a great deal of pre-trial discovery was done. He was a gentleman all the way through the case and I readily endorse him.”

From Gregory O’Brian of Cheshire, CT, who served as opposing counsel in a personal injury matter

“Highly skilled, professional and diligent. Very strong advocate for his clients. One of the best lawyers I have encountered in over two decades of practice.”

From Robert Peragine, a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Melville, NY

“Attorney Adler is one of the premier trial lawyers in the State of Connecticut. I would highly recommend this attorney.”

From Glenn, an Employment client

“I hired Lawrence 1-3 years ago. Lawrence handled my Employment / Labor matter. I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers. I have been using Attorney Adler for all my legal needs for over 15 years. Attorney Adler is efficient, honest, and most off all communicative of the process. I have always been called back by Attorney Adler whenever I leave a message! All of the results I have recieved were positive outcomes in line with what Attorney Adler set as the expectations when we began working on each case. I highly recommend Attorney Adler to anyone and everyone in need of legal services.”

From a long-term client who wished to remain anonymous

“I have been using Attorney Adler for all my legal needs for over 15 years. Attorney Adler is efficient, honest, and most off all communicative of the process. I have always been called back by Attorney Adler whenever I leave a message! All of the results I have recieved were positive outcomes in line with what Attorney Adler set as the expectations when we began working on each case. I highly recommend Attorney Adler to anyone and everyone in need of legal services.”

From a client who wished to remain anonymous

“I highly recommend Attorney Lawrence H. Adler to anyone who wants professional representation and exceptional service. Attorney Adler has helped our family over the years in a variety of ways and has always given us undivided attention and superior legal counsel. He has the experience and the expertise that makes him stand out in his field, and he works tirelessly to ensure his clients have the best possible outcome.”

From an anonymous client

“Excellent attorney for P.I. and insurance defense matters, as well as general litigation in all courts.”

From a colleague

“I have worked professionally with Attorney Adler for many years in area of civil litigation in both insurance defense and plaintiff representation. Attorney Adler is one of the better litigators I have known over the years in Connecticut through his determination, legal knowledge and skills.”

From a car accident client

“Mr. Lawrence H. Adler is an OUTSTANDING attorney. In order to fully appreciate the services, he provided me. I contacted Mr. Lawrence H. Adler at his office in the Hartford area to help me with my car accident. He is excellent body injury attorney, who is willing to fight hard for his clients. I will refer personal injury clients to Lawrence H. Adler.”

From a client who wished to remain anonymous

“Atty Adler was so helpful in explaining all that was going on with my case. He was also determined to make sure that I was able to recover what I was entitled to in my claim. I would recommend Atty Adler to anyone and everyone who is concerned with being successful in their case.”

From a regular client

“Attorney Adler has helped me on three different occasions. Once was on an employment dispute, another was for an auto accident, and most recently with an employment contract negotiation. In all three instances, Attorney Adler treated me like family and made it abundantly clear that he is on my side and his main concern is the well-being of his clients. In both of the employment situations, Attorney Adler helped me and my family to more than whether what could have been extremely difficult (in one case disastrous) situations with concern, frequent follow-up, and best of all, very favorable results. It was with my car accident that I really came to appreciate the genuine concern that Attorney Adler had for me. As soon as he knew of my accident, Attorney Adler went into action. He handled all dealings with the insurance companies, Advised me on dealing with auto repairs and most importantly checked in with me frequently during the ensuing physical therapy to see how I was progressing.”