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Even light rain increases risk of serious car accidents

It is common sense for motorists to exercise more caution during inclement weather. What may surprise some Connecticut drivers is that it does not require heavy precipitation to create adverse driving conditions. Researchers discovered that the chances of being involved in serious car accidents increases dramatically even during light rainfall.

Distracted driving month geared toward reducing car accidents

Along with the advantages provided by modern technology comes potentially serious problems. April has been designated as Distracted Driving Month in order to call attention to the danger posed by distracted motorists who allow technology to take their attention from the road. Every state, including Connecticut, has reported car accidents that can be attributed to a distracted driver.

Car accidents may leave victims with severe disabilities

Being injured in a traffic accident is often a terrifying experience from which most are expected to eventually recover. Sadly, for many victims of car accidents, life will never be the same. One Connecticut woman has been left with what are expected to be permanent injuries.

Confused; negligent drivers pose danger of serious car accidents

Traveling comes with its fair share of headaches for most motorists. Along with congested traffic conditions, foul weather during Connecticut storms and ever-present road construction, motorists have enough to handle without the dangers posed by negligent or confused drivers. Unfortunately, even the most experienced driver cannot always avoid serious car accidents that are caused by the mistakes or carelessness of another party.

Connecticut car accidents can shatter lives and families

Interstate 95 that runs the entire length of the eastern coast of the United States. Connecticut motorists are certainly aware of the dangers of car accidents along this highway and the terrible toll these crashes can take on the lives of victims and their families. There have been between 500 and 700 wrong-way collisions every year throughout the state during each of the last five years.

Car accidents take a heavy toll on pedestrian lives and finances

Anytime someone makes a decision to cross a Connecticut roadway, the potential for a serious accident exists. In spite of traffic lights and marked crosswalks, car accidents that involve pedestrians seldom end well for the person on foot. Many of these tragedies result in death or significant injuries.

Trucking industry reveals concerns that can lead to car accidents

The concept of safe driving is one that is at the forefront of the trucking industry. Car accidents involving these commercial vehicles often have a tragic outcome. A recent study has shown that commercial drivers in Connecticut have a better safety record than other areas of the country.

Car accidents take terrible toll on Connecticut families

Making the rounds for daily errands and activities is a commonplace occurrence for families everywhere. Most Connecticut residents likely never consider the possibility that unforeseen events, such as car accidents, could turn life upside in an instant. Sadly, for several families, a crash involving three cars has left several victims with life-threatening injuries.

Serious car accidents pose threat to Connecticut travelers

Traveling the interstates can be the most efficient method of getting to one's destination quickly. However, due to the high speeds and heavy volume of traffic on these roadways, the danger of being involved in serious car accidents should result in motorists exercising due diligence behind the wheel. Unfortunately, a crash can occur without any warning, as one Connecticut victim recently discovered.

Bus and car accidents need concerted effort to provide care

Traveling by public transportation is often a convenient way of commuting for many people. One of the drawbacks, however, is that the passengers are helpless to avoid any possible car accidents. One recent crash involving a Connecticut SEAT bus and car sent multiple people to area hospitals for treatment of undisclosed injuries.

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