Strategic Legal Advice When Your Company Needs It Most

The outcome of an insurance claim is important for all parties involved, particularly in large or catastrophic accidents where there are likely to be multiple, complex claims. At the Adler Law Group, LLC, our attorneys have experience representing insurance companies in numerous types of cases. Our firm provides comprehensive insurance coverage opinions that insurers need in order to know how to proceed when a claim is filed.

Thorough Analysis To Resolve Insurance Settlements Effectively

Insurers throughout Connecticut can turn to the Adler Law Group to provide coverage opinions that thoroughly explain how existing laws and insurance policies work, and how contracts relate to a particular set of facts in a claim for compensation. Having worked on both sides of personal injury and other insurance claim cases, our firm has a nuanced understanding of how particular facts can determine the outcome of a case.

By utilizing our Hartford lawyers for insurance coverage opinions, insurers can proceed with a claim assured that they have been fully vetted as to what, if any, obligation they must pay out compensation to a claimant. With our skilled legal counsel, companies can reduce the chances that a failed claim will result in allegations of bad faith or breach of fiduciary duty.

Discuss Your Claim Details With Our Firm

Our attorneys are here to assist you in preparing an appropriate response to an insurance claim. Call our office in East Hartford toll free at 800-693-9147 or at 860-333-5797. You can also send our firm an email.