Experienced Insurer Representation For Catastrophic Injury Claims

The aftermath of a catastrophic accident, with many victims seeking compensation from numerous insurers, can be arduous for all parties involved. Insurance companies writing coverage in Connecticut need experienced, results-oriented legal counsel to ensure that the labyrinth of allegations and claims are sorted through and defended properly.

The Adler Law Group, LLC, represents insurers throughout Connecticut when they become involved in these complex situations. All of our attorneys have extensive litigation experience and have handled personal injury cases from both sides. This means that our firm has an unmatched understanding of the most common issues that arise out of serious accidents and the potential for conflict between parties.

We are committed to assisting our clients in navigating the complicated legal matters involved in insurance claims and delivering favorable results, while keeping them well informed. Contact our office at 860-333-5797 or 800-693-9147 toll free to discuss your company’s needs.

Comprehensive Coverage From Claim Settlement To Appeals

We provide a range of services to insurers who must respond to claims following catastrophic accidents. Our firm provides comprehensive insurance coverage opinions, or defense of its insureds, that determine whether a client is required to pay compensation for a claim, and if so, the amount. We serve as intermediaries between multiple insurers and the representation of various claimants, making certain that our clients’ interests are upheld throughout the claims process.

When litigation is not successful for a party and an appeal takes place, our firm puts its considerable litigation experience to work for our clients by providing appellate representation that emphasizes timely and favorable resolution of disputes. At every stage during the life of a claim, we are here to answer our clients’ questions and aggressively advocate on their behalf.

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Insurers turn to our serious accident and insurance lawyers in East Hartford for our ability to deliver desired outcomes expediently. Contact us to schedule a consultation at 860-333-5797 (800-693-9147 toll free). We handle claims throughout Connecticut.