Effective Representation For Insurance Appeals

When a personal injury claim is denied and the claimant pursues an appeal in court, insurers in Connecticut can turn to the Adler Law Group, LLC, for effective legal representation to defend their denial.

Insurers who choose our firm benefit from a team of experienced litigators who have extensive trial experience and knowledge of both sides of an insurance claim. We understand how to develop a comprehensive litigation strategy to provide our individual and insurance company clients the best chance of having success at the appellate and Supreme Court levels. At every stage of litigation, we aggressively uphold our clients’ interests against unmeritorious claims.

Developing Sound Strategies To Protect Insurers’ Interests

Successfully resolving an appeal requires an effective legal strategy. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to argue that a claim is barred by the statute of limitations, that there was bad faith on the part of the claimant, or that he or she did not have coverage to begin with, among many other scenarios.

Our lawyers take considerable time when preparing an insurance appeal case. We carefully examine every aspect of the underlying claim and whether every requirement on the part of the claimant was followed. In court, our attorneys do not hesitate to aggressively advocate on our clients’ behalf to defend against claims of bad faith, or other legal requirements requiring appellate level scrutiny. Getting them a positive outcome to an appeal is our highest priority.

Contact Our Firm For Skilled Appellate Representation

If an individual is challenging the outcome of a claim at the Supreme Court or appeals court, our attorneys in Hartford will advocate for a solution favorable to your company. Contact our East Hartford office online, or call 800-693-9147 toll free or 860-333-5797 to schedule a confidential consultation.