Qualified Defense Against Theft Crimes

If you or a loved one has been charged with a theft crime such as shoplifting, larceny or burglary, the legal process and the prospect of jail time and other long-term consequences can be truly intimidating. Facing the legal process alone can cause anxiety and distress.

The Adler Law Group, LLC, is committed to giving people in Connecticut who have been charged with theft crimes the highest quality representation to make sure their rights are protected. Our attorneys are experienced in reaching favorable conclusions to theft cases, whether through negotiation or trial. We take the time to find every fact that is favorable to our clients and provide reassurance that together we can successfully navigate the criminal justice system.

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We Develop A Strategic Legal Defense For Every Case

Successful resolution to criminal charges requires the experience of an attorney who knows how to strategically plan a case and utilize the available evidence to a client’s advantage.

We look for any evidence that is favorable to our client’s position. In many cases, those who are alleging theft — such as a store security guard or manager — overstate the actual evidence out of a desire to aggressively pursue charges against perceived criminals. We know that prosecutors are required to prove every element of a theft charge, including intent, and we can negotiate a plea deal or reduced sentence when the evidence is not clear.

In cases where a client is a first-time offender, alternative penalties such as community service and accelerated rehabilitation may be available instead of jail time or fines. We help our clients pursue options to avoid harsh jail sentences and the long-term consequences that a blemished criminal record can have on their job prospects and other opportunities.

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Our Hartford lawyers handling theft crimes are not here to judge. We’re here to defend our clients in every way possible and get favorable results quickly. Call our East Hartford office toll free at 800-693-9147 or 860-333-5797 to schedule a consultation.