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"No criminal intent" may not rule out wrongful death

As was proved by the civil suit against a former NFL star, the level of evidence needed to successfully pursue a civil case does not rise to the level needed for criminal prosecution. Though a motorist may not face serious criminal charges in connection with a fatal accident, that does not mean that a victim's family cannot seek justice and closure through a wrongful death civil case. Connecticut authorities recently dropped a criminal charge against a motorist who fatally struck a woman in 2017.

Could officer's fatal crash qualify as a wrongful death?

Connecticut investigators submitted a report consisting of more than 600 pages that stated that no one would face criminal charges in connection to a fatal crash. The wreck occurred along I-84 last year. Even though no drivers will be charged, circumstances could potentially point to the trooper's death being considered a wrongful death

A fatal wrong-way crash may be basis for wrongful death lawsuit

According to statistics, approximately 400 victims perish in wrong-way accidents throughout the nation annually. In Connecticut, an estimated 9 percent of traffic fatalities are caused by these types of crashes, exceeding the nationwide average considerably. Those who lose loved ones through a wrong-way collision may have a basis for filing a wrongful death civil suit.

Families of fatal accident victims may pursue wrongful death

The loss of a loved one is never easy to accept, especially when the death is sudden and preventable. In the case of a fatal car accident, families are often left to grieve their loss while seeking answers as to how the accident occurred. Recently, one Connecticut family may have received some measure of closure after a police officer was charged with negligent homicide. Though criminal charges may ease the pain, some families in these circumstances may seek relief for their monetary damages through the filing of a wrongful death civil suit.

Sentence handed down in crash that led to wrongful death of 2

In the beginning of 2018, two Connecticut families were forced to endure the loss of two beloved women who were killed in a fatal hit-and-run crash. The man responsible for those tragic deaths recently appeared in court for the sentencing phase of his criminal trial. Even though a motorist may be held criminally responsible for these types of crashes, families may wish to seek their own justice and closure through the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Fatal traffic accidents could prompt wrongful death claims

One of the most devastating events that can befall families is losing a loved one in a sudden and tragic manner. One of the most frequent causes of these deaths is traffic accidents caused by an inattentive or otherwise negligent motorist. Connecticut families who have been forever changed by these often preventable crashes may seek their own justice and closure through a wrongful death civil lawsuit.

Family claims business is liable for wrongful death of loved one

Connecticut law states that if an establishment continues to serve an inebriated customer alcoholic beverages and that person later causes an accident involving injury or death -- it may be held accountable financially. A recent lawsuit filed by the family of a man killed in a crash is invoking the Dram Shop Act in the death of an 87-year-old man. The wrongful death civil lawsuit seeks recovery of monetary damages related to the fatal wreck that occurred in 2017.

A wrongful death civil suit may help right at least 1 wrong

Losing a loved one through natural causes is never easy. However, losing a loved one through a preventable accident that was caused by negligence makes the emotional pain and loss that much worse. Though nothing can restore the one who died, a successfully filed wrongful death civil suit within Connecticut's civil justice system may help right at least one wrong. 

Family of man killed in crash could pursue wrongful death claim

Life comes with no promises of a tragedy-free existence. Unfortunately, the choices that others make can leave a trail of devastation for Connecticut families in the event those choices prove to be deadly. When a fatal crash takes the life of a loved one, the surviving family may consider filing a wrongful death suit against the parties deemed liable for their losses.

Connecticut city concerned about wrongful death through accidents

Stamford officials are actively working to improve pedestrian safety. While there has not been a recorded homicide in the city thus far this year, the same cannot be said for deaths caused by traffic accidents -- specifically, those involving pedestrians. Those who have lost a loved one in Connecticut due to the negligence of another party may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit in a civil court.

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