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2 killed in separate but related Connecticut car accidents

Interstate 91 is one of the longest highways in the Northeast that runs primarily north and south and connects three New England states. As such, it is heavily traveled on a daily basis and can prove to be hazardous to Connecticut motorists as it has been the site of many serious car accidents. One recent series of events along the route resulted in the death of two people.

Car accidents caused by negligence often injure innocent victims

There are many reasons why Connecticut travelers may find themselves caught up in traffic collisions. Though there are incidents that may be unavoidable -- such as a medical emergency or a mechanical failure -- the vast majority of car accidents are caused by negligence on the part of another motorist. One such collision recently injured two young children.

Charges following fatal car accidents may be delayed for months

No matter how carefully one plans his or her day, there are some events that cannot be foreseen or prevented. Car accidents are some of the most frightening experiences that can occur without warning. Connecticut officials recently announced that criminal charges have finally been brought in connection with a fatal wreck that occurred in February.

Connecticut car accidents bring pain, injuries and heartache

The majority of Connecticut residents likely never stop to wonder if that last minute errand will be a life-altering decision. Unfortunately, car accidents occur without warning and victims are often unable to take any actions to protect themselves. One recent crash caused the tragic death of one young woman and sent three others to area hospitals with serious injuries.

Connecticut car accidents can take a life at any stage

When one is young, there may be the tendency to believe that nothing bad will ever happen. Sadly, when it comes to tragedies such as car accidents, no one is immune to the devastation they can cause. One recent Connecticut collision killed two people and injured five others.

Connecticut bike riders face serious injuries from car accidents

Though it may still be cool outside, springtime in Connecticut means more residents will be spending time outdoors. Many enjoy bike riding along the local roads, and they are typically aware of the hazards posed by inattentive drivers, which can lead to car accidents. Recently, an accident involving a car caused serious injuries for one biker.

Teenage drivers more likely to die from car accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2015, an estimated six teenagers a day died as a result of motor vehicle accidents. This age group is the most likely to die or suffer serious injuries due to car accidents than any other age category. This sad statistic applies to teenagers in Connecticut as well as the rest of the country.

Single car accidents can devastate lives of more than 1 family

When one hears about a crash involving a single car, many may assume only one family will be affected. Sadly, these types of car accidents can bring tragedy in the lives of multiple families when passengers are not related. One recent wreck in Connecticut resulted in two teens suffering serious injuries.

Stolen vehicles involved in serious and deadly car accidents

Over just the span of a few hours, the decision to steal vehicles lead to the death of one driver and sent two minors to a local children's hospital. Connecticut officials stated that the car accidents were not the result of any police pursuits. One crash resulted in a woman suffering life-threatening injuries.

Safety group presses for new laws to reduce state's car accidents

The majority of teenagers cannot wait until they hit the magical age of 16 and the possibility of obtaining their driver's license. This could be on a list for revisions though if one safety group is successful in its efforts to reduce the numbers of serious car accidents in Connecticut. The numbers of fatal crashes has steadily increased in the state over the past several years.