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Phone: 860-333-5797 | Toll Free: 800-693-9147
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Understanding liability in a dog-bite attack

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Animal Bites |

Americans love their dogs. With an estimated 85 million dogs across the country, close to 40% of all households have at least one dog. Unfortunately, animal attacks are also quite common, and often occur inside the home, on the premises of the dog owner’s property, or in the neighborhood.

While the degree of ferocity and severity of injuries can be breed-specific, any dog can attack. Sadly, it is children who are the most likely victims, as 45.9% of all fatalities from a dog-bite attack occur to victims who were aged 16 or under.

For Connecticut residents, knowing how the law protects victims of an animal attack can help, especially if the event occurred as a result of the dog owner’s negligence. While a negotiated settlement with an insurance company is optimal, it may be necessary to file a claim in civil court to obtain just compensation.

Dog-bite laws in Connecticut

At one time, the common law approach to dog attack cases was the one-bite rule, which only created liability to the owner if the animal had attacked in the past. This added insult to injury, as the the victim of the attack had the burden of proving that the other party was liable.

The Connecticut dog bite statute, like many state laws today, creates strict liability for the owner for injuries caused by their dog. The owner is liable for injuries caused by the dog to another’s property or person, and because it is strict liability, this means that the victim does not have to prove liability.

The only exceptions to the owner’s liability are if:

  • The injured party was trespassing on the dog owner’s property when the attack occurred.
  • The injured party was teasing, abusing, or tormenting the animal.

There is an assumption that a victim under the age of seven cannot be responsible for the dog’s behavior unless proven otherwise.

The aftermath of a dog-bite attack

Animal attacks pose a significant health rise to communities. More than 4.5 million people are attacked every year, and of these, one in five must receive treatment for their wounds. In 2020, there were $854 million in dog-related liability claims, with the average claim receiving $50,245.

While some attacks may have been preventable, it is up to the dog owner to train their dog, socialize it and keep it properly restrained as part of responsible pet ownership.


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