Many people realize the dangers of trucker fatigue and the use of drugs or alcohol on the road. However, large truck wrecks happen for many other reasons, such as truck drivers who are emotionally distraught. Whether a truck driver is struggling with the recent loss of a loved one, working through a tough divorce or having a hard time for some other reason, negative emotions such as depression, anxiety and anger can significantly increase the odds of a large truck crash.

Many large truck wrecks are a direct result of emotional distress and this factor is often difficult to uncover (as opposed to drunk driving, for example). Victims need to go over all factors that played a role in the wreck and hold negligent drivers accountable.

A trucker’s emotional state and the risk of a crash

According to material that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has published, a truck driver’s emotional state can lead to a large truck crash in different ways. For example, a large truck driver who is struggling with emotional hurdles as a result of excessive job-related pressure, rushing or feeling upset for some other reason is more likely to cause an accident. It is imperative for truck drivers to address these feelings and stay safe on the road, but many try to drive regardless of strong emotions that interfere with their abilities.

Anger and large truck wrecks

Road rage is a serious problem and it is especially dangerous when those operating a large truck become angry behind the wheel. An angry and aggressive trucker is more likely to make poor decisions behind the wheel, such as switching lanes abruptly, failing to slow down properly, speeding and becoming distracted by other drivers on the road.