If your brakes go out when you are driving, it can create an emergency situation that makes it difficult to avoid an accident. It is important that you address any issues with your brakes before they fail you.

Firestone explains that you will often have warning signs before your brakes get bad enough to fail completely that will alert all your senses


Sometimes, you may smell something burning if your brakes are not working properly. Any type of odd odor is a sign to have a mechanic check out your vehicle.


When your brake pads wear down or other parts of the braking system wear out, you will usually hear noises that are not normal. You make hear squealing or grinding noises every time you push on the brakes. Sometimes, noises may be present even when you are not using the brakes.

Worn brake pads are fairly easy to replace and not too expensive. You can also visually see your brake pads and rotors, so you can often see if there is excessive wear without having to take things apart.


If your brake light comes on your dashboard, do not ignore it. This will indicate a serious issue with your brakes that could quickly lead to a lack of function.


You may also feel something different happening when your brakes are going bad. You may notice that you have press harder to stop or you may realize that even when you press them all the way, your vehicle does not slow down as it should. You may also feel vibrations or pulsing when you push the brake pedal.