Connecticut motorcyclists like you know to pay close attention to other drivers. In many situations, they create the most dangers for you on the road. Drivers often fail to spot motorcycles on time to safely avoid dangerous situations.

Another way that they may put you at risk is through inattentional blindness. Today we will look at what this is and how it can lead to crashes.

The phenomenon of inattentional blindness

The American Psychological Association addresses the natural mental phenomenon of inattentional blindness. In daily life, this phenomenon is helpful. You cannot process every detail of everything you come across in a day. If you did that, it would overwhelm you in seconds. You would also fail to prioritize important information and have trouble focusing. Inattentional blindness allows you to narrow your focus in on one target. The rest of the details fall away. Your mind deems them unimportant to what you need in the moment.

The interference of multitasking while driving

But driving requires multitasking at all times. Because of this, inattentional blindness often takes your attention away from the road. It creates the opportunity for crashes. For example, you may focus so much on your speed that you do not notice a stop sign up ahead. You do not stop, and hit someone going through the intersection. Though some studies show newer drivers are at higher risk, it can affect anyone.

This creates extra danger for motorcyclists. You are in a high risk category to begin with. Drivers have difficulty seeing you even without extra distractions. With inattentional blindness, they are even less likely to spot you in time to react. This is one more danger for motorcyclists like you to remain aware of while on the road.