Connecticut motorists understand that the road is dangerous for everyone. But it is more dangerous for some than others. In particular, motorcyclists face increased danger on the road. 

Today, we will look at some of the clashes between motorcyclists and other motorists. In particular, we will examine the troubles motorists have in spotting motorcyclists. 

Motorcycle sizes work against them for visibility 

Other drivers make up much of MotorBiscuit’s list of dangers motorcycles face. One of the big reasons they pose a risk is because they do not spot motorcyclists in time to avoid hitting them. But why does this happen? Why is it such a widespread phenomenon? Motorists who hit motorcycles cite all sorts of reasons why they did not spot them on time. 

Many boil down to a motorcycle being such a small vehicle. Drivers often anticipate other vehicles their size or larger on the road. They build their expectations around this. Due to this preconceived notion, they do not expect motorcycles. This is particularly dangerous at intersections. They have a high crash rate for motorcyclists. 

Blind spot driving increases crash risk 

Some state that motorcyclists do not wear bright enough clothes. Their bikes do not have enough lights. Some also report that motorcyclists lane weave too much. Another big issue is a motorcyclist driving in a car’s blind spot. Motorcyclists understand the danger of doing this and try to avoid it. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. A motorcycle may need to pass through a blind spot. All it takes is a second for an accident to happen. This is important for all people on the road to keep in mind.