Even if you have several years of experience driving in Connecticut, you may still stumble with spotting and sharing the road with motorcyclists. Do you know how to close this information gap?

Driving-Tests offers a few insights to help keep you and motorcyclists safe. Do your part to prevent unnecessary accidents and close calls.

Pass with caution

When you see a motorcycle and pass it, proceed carefully. The slipstream you kick up when passing a motorcycle may be enough to rock the rider and bike off balance. Just like you would while passing another car, use your signal, and leave several car lengths between you and the motorcycle before changing lanes again.

Double-check your blind spots

Of course, you want to check your blind spots, but it is good to get into the habit of double-checking your blind spots during the times of the year when motorcyclists take to the streets.

Remember that motorcycles move faster than cars

Sometimes, it is easy to forget just how quick and nimble motorcycles are until you see them in action. Because of this, leave plenty of room between you and any motorcycles you see around you, so you do not risk rear-ending the rider.

Keep an eye out for turning motorcycles 

One difference between cars and motorcycles is that a lot of motorcycles today do not have turn signals that cancel themselves after a turn. Should you ever notice a motorcycle with a turn signal flashing for a long time, give the rider plenty of room to maneuver.

Having the right information makes a big difference with accident prevention. Now you know more about how to avoid unfortunate incidents with motorcyclists.