Owning a dog is often a joy, as it offers nearly unconditional love and companionship, but what happens when your dog bites someone unexpectedly? This can result in serious injuries, depending on the size and jaw strength of your dog, but according to the Infectious Disease Advisor, nearly all dog bites and scratches can cause infection and scarring.

Learning some myths behind the reasons a dog may bite can help you prevent this issue or support your lack of negligence in a personal injury lawsuit.

A neutered dog will not bite 

Having your male dog neutered at a young age may reduce its urge to dominate both humans and other animals; however, this usually does not eliminate the risk of it biting someone. Along with neutering, socializing your dog by introducing it to many different types of people and animals can reduce aggression and incidents of fear biting.

Certain breeds are more likely to bite

You may believe that your small-breed dog is less likely to bite visitors because of its size and temperament. In reality, any type or size of a dog is capable of biting if it feels threatened or afraid. For example, if a visitor corners your dog in an attempt to pet it, the animal may react by biting without giving any other warning beforehand.

Your dog will always obey you

Even if your dog is well trained, it may not always obey you in a situation where it is afraid or angry. As such, your dog may bite despite your trying to control it.

Owning a dog requires a certain amount of responsibility, especially with preventing bites. While you cannot control all situations, understanding your dog’s nature may reduce the risk.