Taking good care of your vehicle not only allows you to keep it in good condition for reselling and to get as much use out of it as you can but it also helps to keep you safe. Many of the routine things you do can make a huge difference in how safe your vehicle is when it is traveling down the road. However, many people overlook one of the major areas of a vehicle that keeps it safe. 

Reader’s Digest explains your tires are one of your car’s biggest safety devices. They do a lot of work ensuring you stay on the road and move safely. Your tires have a lot of responsibility and if they are not in good shape, it could lead to an accident. 

The job of your tires 

Your tires help to ensure your vehicle can stop quickly. They keep you stable on the road when it is wet, slushy or icy. They help you maintain speed and ensure that your vehicle drives straight. The tread is the key because it is what allows for the tires to do their jobs. That is why tread wear is an important thing to note. 

Bad tires cannot maintain proper contact with the road and do not provide any resistance when stopping your vehicle. As the tread wears out, it can weaken the tire and make it more susceptible to blowouts. 

Keep your tires safe 

You should check your tires regularly. Look for wear and ensure the tread is still adequate. Always take care of a bad tire right away. If you notice tears, bulges or constantly have low air in a tire, have it checked out and replace it if needed.