The U.S reports up to 4.5 million incidences of dog bites every year, with many of these people ending up in emergency rooms. Surprisingly, not all those people sue the dog owners. It is only a few of them that are bold enough to file a claim. If a victim files a claim, the dog owner might either lose their dog or even get jailed. 

Dogs are naturally friendly, but sometimes they can become aggressive for reasons such as these. 

  • If trained to behave aggressively to strangers 
  • If they have undergone mistreatment previously 
  • If they get trapped a human that may seem to harm them 

If a dog owner realizes their dog just bit someone, they should take some steps to settle the matter. For instance, they can; 

  • Lock the dog up: There are high chances that people might become want to take action that may harm the dog. Locking him or her up as they settle the matter will help. 
  • Talk to the victim: WebMD provides some first aid procedures for a dog bite. After carrying out first aid to the victim, the dog owner can assure them that they will cover their medical bills. 
  • Call the insurance company: Anyone who owns a dog should have their homeowners’ insurance cover the dog-most insurers cover the first bite. 
  • See a veterinarian: They should consult a vet to refer them to an animal behavior specialist who can determine the cause of such aggressiveness. 

If anything, the dog owner should not surrender the dog to the police, especially if they do not have a warrant to get into the home.