Motorcyclists in Connecticut face more dangers than covered vehicle drivers. They are more exposed to the elements. They always go up against larger vehicles. In a crash scenario, motorcycles are almost always at the disadvantage. They also face unique injury risk. Today we will look at one of them: road rash injuries. 

VeryWell Health looks at road rash injuries. In their mildest form, road rash is not worrisome. Many victims go to a doctor for an initial check-up. After that, they treat the injury at home. In most cases, they do not need to do anything else. 

Moderate and severe road rash injuries are different. These injuries are detrimental to a person’s well-being. They cause massive physical trauma. Emotional scarring is also common. Victims do not only have the upper layer of skin scraped off in these incidents. Moderate road rash sometimes gets down to the muscle layer. Severe road rash goes even further. Some victims experience lacerations down to the bone. 

These categories of road rash also have complex recovery periods. Some victims need skin graft surgery. This is because large areas of exposed flesh attract bacteria, viruses and microbes. Within hours, a person with severe road rash can contract illnesses. They become infected as well. Infections also set in within hours. Serious infection like sepsis and gangrene are not uncommon. 

Finally, even with surgery, victims of severe road rash may scar. This disfigurement is sometimes painful. The victim is often affected on an emotional and mental level. These are the scars that are more difficult to heal from.