During winter months, Connecticut state police report receiving a large number of phone calls about both accidents and car damage from uncleared snow and ice. To boost your odds of arriving at your destination safely, you must do your part. Specifically, you must remove snow and ice from your vehicle before leaving home.

Failing to clear away snow and ice may result in a fine. Unfortunately, though, it may also have disastrous consequences. Accordingly, you must realize the importance of scraping your car’s windows and brushing away accumulated snow. 

Obscured views 

When temperatures drop, ice crystals form on exterior surfaces. If your vehicle has ice on its windows, you likely lack the clear view necessary to drive safely and effectively. Scraping just a small section of the windshield is not a good strategy. On the contrary, to ensure you have adequate visibility, you must completely clear the windshield, side windows, rear window and mirrors. 

Projectile damage 

When you drive your vehicle, you must think about your safety and the safety of those around you. As your car picks up speed, chunks of remaining ice may dislodge and become projectiles that may endanger other motorists. Furthermore, uncleared snow may act much like a smokescreen, temporarily blinding drivers behind you. 

Visual inspection 

Winter driving conditions can be both challenging and unpredictable. If you park your vehicle for an extended time, snow and ice may accumulate around it. Taking a few minutes to clear every surface of your vehicle gives you an opportunity to visually inspect your surroundings. This may decrease your chances of driving into a dangerous situation soon after leaving your parking space.

If you have an accident, you may sustain life-threatening injuries. While you cannot control the weather, you can be certain your vehicle is as safe as possible. Removing snow and ice before starting your commute is a good first step.