Dog bites can be very serious injuries. According to OLR Research report, the first factor to understand about dog bites is strict liability. For dog bites, this means it does not depend upon harm. In most court cases, somebody is liable for damages when they do something wrong. In a dog bite, that is not the case. A person could have a good dog who is well trained and is on a leash. However, if that dog bites, that person is strictly liable. It is not a “good dog bad dog” thing, or it is not anything that the owner does, but that the owner is responsible for any time a dog bites a person for damages stemming from that bite.

The second thing you need to know is it is not only an owner who is liable, but a keeper could be liable as well. A keeper is somebody like a dog walker or somebody who has possession of the dog but he or she is not the owner. So, a keeper can be a vet who is in control of the dog at the time of the bite. That person can also be responsible.

According to FindLaw, there are two exceptions to the dog bite law. The first exception is trespass. If a dog bites somebody during a home invasion or something of that nature, then there is an exception to the dog bite. Obviously, the dog may be protecting its house and its family members. The owner of the dog may not be held responsible for that bite. The second exception is known as a teasing and tormenting exception. Teasing and tormenting a dog includes things like hitting a dog with a stick or showing it food.