People in Connecticut are no strangers to dog attacks. Almost five million people suffer from a dog bite every year according to the CDC, and out of those, nearly one million require medical care.

When a dog that is usually tame lashes out and attacks someone, you may struggle with the motivation behind the sudden change in behavior. We here at the Adler Law Group, LLC strive to keep you in the know about things that may cause you danger. Discover a few of the reasons that may prompt a dog to attack without warning.

Recognizing aggressive behavior

Some canines are aggressive from the start, and others seem to get there without warning. Aggressive behavior in dogs is something that can come as the result of the environment, the way an owner raises the dog or something else entirely. Some of the signs of aggressive behavior in dogs include:

  • Lunging
  • Vicious barking
  • Snarling
  • Snapping
  • Biting

When the last incident occurs, the dog’s owner may wind up at fault.

Reasons for aggression

Some dog owners treat their pets like children, and as such, it may stand to reason that sudden aggressive behavior is alarming. A sudden change in mannerisms may signal a change in a dog’s biological makeup. Perhaps it is part of the aging process or something serious like a tumor or infection. Dogs may exhibit aggressive behavior temporarily if they believe their territory is in danger. They become frightened or frustrated and lash out at the threat.

Encountering a dog’s aggression may result in an injury. Check out the resources on our website for further information dog bites.