It is common sense for motorists to exercise more caution during inclement weather. What may surprise some Connecticut drivers is that it does not require heavy precipitation to create adverse driving conditions. Researchers discovered that the chances of being involved in serious car accidents increases dramatically even during light rainfall.

Studies that have been conducted in the past showed a correlation between wet and snowy roads and the rate of traffic accidents. However, most of those studies gathered data from police reports and reported weather conditions from nearby locations to gauge if weather played a factor in the recorded accidents during a set time frame. The most recent study went further in studying just how much effect weather has on the numbers of crashes in an area.

This research was conducted by a meteorologist and data analyst who worked with other colleagues to use more precise radar data. This data provided such information as to the amount of rainfall per hour, which indicated that even small amounts can contribute to treacherous road conditions. Researchers determined that even a drizzle can lead to a significant increase in road accidents. The study did note that the eastern states report fewer weather-related crashes overall, possibly due to more urbanized areas.

A vice president of researchers with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety did not participate in the recent study, but did state that the impact of weather on car accidents is well known. The new study does stress that drivers must exercise extreme caution whenever the weather conditions are less than optimal. Connecticut travelers who are injured in an accident caused by another party often sustain significant monetary damages. It may be possible to recoup those losses through civil litigation efforts.