As was proved by the civil suit against a former NFL star, the level of evidence needed to successfully pursue a civil case does not rise to the level needed for criminal prosecution. Though a motorist may not face serious criminal charges in connection with a fatal accident, that does not mean that a victim’s family cannot seek justice and closure through a wrongful death civil case. Connecticut authorities recently dropped a criminal charge against a motorist who fatally struck a woman in 2017.

The accident occurred two years ago. According to the record, a woman was traveling in the left lane designed for turning vehicles when she decided to continue straight. Police also stated that she was exceeding the speed limit by an estimated 17 mph. When the lane ran out, the driver continued driving on the sidewalk, where she struck a woman who was an employee of a hospital.

The victim died from her injuries. The motorist was facing a charge of vehicular misconduct, which has been dropped due to a perceived lack of intent to commit a crime. The motorist has already entered a no contest plea to negligent vehicular homicide, excessive speed, tailgating and failure to yield to a pedestrian.

The woman’s sentencing date is scheduled for May. There were no details provided as to the possible consequences the driver will be facing at that time. Even though the driver deemed responsible for the victim’s death will be held accountable, the surviving family is understandably still reeling from the loss of their loved one. After these senseless tragedies, Connecticut families often struggle to recover financially from an unexpected loss. An experienced attorney can provide guidance as to whether a wrongful death civil suit would be a viable means for pursuing recovery of the monetary damages that have been sustained due to the negligence of another party.