Regardless of one’s profession, the responsibilities that come with pet ownership are the same for everyone, including ensuring that both the pet and neighborhood residents are safe from harm. Connecticut has strict liability laws that hold the owners responsible for any harm that their pets may cause. Though any dog can bite, when certain types of dogs choose to do so, they are capable of inflicting serious animal bites that often leave both physical and psychological scars.

Recently, there were reports that dogs belonging to the NFL quarterback Dak Prescott had escaped from his property and were at large in the neighborhood. A woman found them on her property, purportedly in the process of damaging her fence. They were able to make a hole in the barrier and reportedly attacked her pet in the yard. When she intervened, one of Prescott’s dogs turned its aggression on her.

The woman suffered serious bite injuries to her hand and lost a portion of her third finger. She required in-patient care for several days before she was released. The dog that inflicted the wounds was taken into the custody of animal control officials. It will remain quarantined until a hearing later this month to determine whether the animal will be labeled as a dangerous dog under the city’s animal enforcement codes.

The report indicated that residents of the home had been informed twice before that the animals had escaped through an unsecured entryway. It is unknown whether Prescott will be cited or fined in connection with this attack. Victims of serious animal bites often endure weeks of painful recovery and may never fully recover from the psychological damage that these terrifying incidents cause. Connecticut victims do have recourse to seek compensation for their monetary damages via a civil lawsuit filed against the parties responsible for a pet’s unprovoked attack.