Traffic accidents are a leading cause of preventable deaths. A Connecticut doctor notes that motorcycle accidents are a major contributor to those deaths. Recently, both proponents and opponent of the proposed helmet law recently spoke out about it.

Those in support of the proposed bill were comprised of medical providers, law enforcement officials, legislators and motorcyclists. The Director of the Injury Prevent Center at Hartford Hospital stated that the use of helmets can prevent a fatal injury in approximately 42 percent of crashes. Similarly, a serious head injury can be prevented in an estimated 69 percent of accidents. The bill would require the use of helmets for all riders, regardless of age.

Supporters argue that such a law is for the greater good of the public, as it is seen as a common sense approach in helping to prevent deaths and traumatic head injuries. However, opponents see it as a violation of personal choice. One spokesperson for the Connecticut Motorcycle Riders Association, stated that the problem is not with wearing a helmet per se; rather, they object to the mandated use of such gear and the possibility of facing monetary fines for not doing so.

Lawmakers will take the issue up in a committee hearing since the matter has already been the subject of a public hearing. It remains to be seen whether the measure will eventually become law. Even if all riders are required to wear a helmet in the future, serious injuries due to motorcycle accidents will still occur. Victims who have suffered serious injuries due to the negligence of another party tend to incur substantial monetary damages along with their physical injuries. It may be possible to recover those damages through the successful navigation of a personal injury lawsuit against the party or parties deemed responsible for those monetary losses.