Being injured in a traffic accident is often a terrifying experience from which most are expected to eventually recover. Sadly, for many victims of car accidents, life will never be the same. One Connecticut woman has been left with what are expected to be permanent injuries.

Police were summoned to reports of a head-on collision involving two vehicles. Though officials have not released the results of their investigation into the crash, the police chief reported that three victims were transported for treatment. One woman suffered critical injuries and was reportedly in stable, though critical condition in the intensive care unit. A family member of the injured woman described her injuries as affecting her lower extremities and abdomen.

The family member has established a fundraising site to solicit funds to help defray the victim’s medical expenses. The site mentioned details pertaining to the accident that have not been verified by Connecticut officials, asserting that another driver caused the accident by veering into the woman’s traffic lane. The victim has suffered injuries that may have left her unable to walk.

According to the GofundMe site, the victim had recently started her current job and does not qualify for medical benefits. The site is apparently being used to not only provide a source of revenue to pay current and future medical expenses for the victim but also to help support her family. It is unknown whether any individuals will face criminal charges in connection with this serious crash. Victims of car accidents frequently struggle to recover both physically and financially from these tragic events. If it can be proved that another party’s negligence caused or materially contributed to the crash, then victims may have recourse for compensation through the successful navigation of a personal injury lawsuit.