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March 2019 Archives

"No criminal intent" may not rule out wrongful death

As was proved by the civil suit against a former NFL star, the level of evidence needed to successfully pursue a civil case does not rise to the level needed for criminal prosecution. Though a motorist may not face serious criminal charges in connection with a fatal accident, that does not mean that a victim's family cannot seek justice and closure through a wrongful death civil case. Connecticut authorities recently dropped a criminal charge against a motorist who fatally struck a woman in 2017.

Helmet law sought to reduce fatalities in motorcycle accidents

Traffic accidents are a leading cause of preventable deaths. A Connecticut doctor notes that motorcycle accidents are a major contributor to those deaths. Recently, both proponents and opponent of the proposed helmet law recently spoke out about it.

NFL player's dog impounded after it inflicts serious animal bites

Regardless of one's profession, the responsibilities that come with pet ownership are the same for everyone, including ensuring that both the pet and neighborhood residents are safe from harm. Connecticut has strict liability laws that hold the owners responsible for any harm that their pets may cause. Though any dog can bite, when certain types of dogs choose to do so, they are capable of inflicting serious animal bites that often leave both physical and psychological scars.

Could officer's fatal crash qualify as a wrongful death?

Connecticut investigators submitted a report consisting of more than 600 pages that stated that no one would face criminal charges in connection to a fatal crash. The wreck occurred along I-84 last year. Even though no drivers will be charged, circumstances could potentially point to the trooper's death being considered a wrongful death

Car accidents may leave victims with severe disabilities

Being injured in a traffic accident is often a terrifying experience from which most are expected to eventually recover. Sadly, for many victims of car accidents, life will never be the same. One Connecticut woman has been left with what are expected to be permanent injuries.

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