Even though much of the country is currently dreaming of warm weather while it deals with winter challenges, it is never out of season to discuss traffic safety issues. According to one study, riders in Connecticut run a higher risk of being involved in serious motorcycle accidents. While the lack of a comprehensive helmet law may play a role, there are other factors at play.

Almost as soon as the weather becomes favorable, the calls to emergency services concerning motorcycle crashes commence. While the overall crash rate involving motorcycles dropped throughout the country in 2017, it did not drop as much in Connecticut. According to a report compiled by the Governors Highway Safety Association, motorcycle fatalities were approximately 14 percent of all traffic-related deaths. However, in this state, fatal motorcycle crashes comprised more than 17 percent of all the traffic deaths.

While the fatality rate for this group dropped in the rest of country by an estimated 5.6 percent, it only went down approximately 2 percent here. There may be several reasons why the rate is higher here, including the fact that almost a quarter of the fatal wrecks involved an impaired motorcyclist. In addition, since the state does not require all riders to wear helmets, only 48 percent of riders use them.

Other factors that appear to effect the death rate are speed and collisions with stationary objects. While younger male riders were the most likely to be involved in fatal crashes, both older riders and women account for more fatalities. Those who have suffered serious injuries due to motorcycle accidents that are attributed to another party’s negligence often suffer life-changing injuries and significant monetary damages. A successful personal injury civil suit may be able to help victims recoup their documented damages.