Traveling comes with its fair share of headaches for most motorists. Along with congested traffic conditions, foul weather during Connecticut storms and ever-present road construction, motorists have enough to handle without the dangers posed by negligent or confused drivers. Unfortunately, even the most experienced driver cannot always avoid serious car accidents that are caused by the mistakes or carelessness of another party.

Connecticut officials were recently called out to the scene of a crash that occurred along Route 9 near the town of Essex. According to the report, the wreck was caused when a 38-year-old man entered the roadway from the wrong direction. Shortly after entering the highway, the driver’s vehicle collided with another that was being driven by a 70-year-old man. A third vehicle driven by a 66-year-old man was also caught up in the wreck.

The first driver died of his injuries at the scene. The second driver was transported to a Hartford medical center for treatment of what were described as serious injuries. The third individual claimed that he was uninjured in the crash. There was no information regarding whether any of the vehicles were carrying additional passengers.

Troopers are still working to complete their investigation into this fatal collision. It is unknown, at this time, what led to the driver entering the roadway from the wrong direction. Victims who have suffered serious injuries in Connecticut car accidents often sustain significant financial losses that often compound the physical pain they have to endure. When an accident can be attributed to the actions of another party, victims may have a basis for pursuing recovery of their monetary damages through the filing of a personal injury civil suit against the parties — or their estates in the event of a fatal crash — who can be deemed liable for their documented losses.