In the beginning of 2018, two Connecticut families were forced to endure the loss of two beloved women who were killed in a fatal hit-and-run crash. The man responsible for those tragic deaths recently appeared in court for the sentencing phase of his criminal trial. Even though a motorist may be held criminally responsible for these types of crashes, families may wish to seek their own justice and closure through the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit.

The trial reportedly stems from a car accident in which the man struck and killed two women and proceeded to flee the scene. During the trial, family members shared stories about how they are struggling to cope with the loss. The man was reportedly reminded by a relative that although he will serve time in prison, he may have the opportunity to see his loved ones again. This is something the families of the victims have been denied.

The man reportedly made certain concessions during the trial, including offering a confession and waiving his right to appeal. As a result, he was sentenced to a 20-year prison term. However, his sentence will be suspended after serving 10 years in prison and three years on probation.

The driver has offered his apologies to the family and has reportedly showed remorse for his actions that night. However, the families are still forced to move forward without their loved ones. While the grief of such a loss may only ease with time, families who find themselves in these tragic situations could choose to speak with an attorney in Connecticut for assistance in seeking financial restitution through a wrongful death lawsuit.