According to several studies, pit bulls are to blame for a majority of fatal dog attacks. Rottweilers and pit bulls are cited as being responsible for more than half of all serious animal bites. One study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, however, was criticized for getting the information on which it based its conclusions from media accounts Every state has reported serious injuries, including several vicious attacks in Connecticut.

Several reasons are cited to support the belief that these dogs are potentially more dangerous than other breeds. Pit bulls have a reputation for attacking without prior warning or provocation. They also tend to bite repeatedly and can inflict more damage due to stronger bite pressure. They were bred specifically to bait bears and feral hogs and have been frequently used for dog fighting. All of these factors combine to make these animals more dangerous, especially to children.

There have been numerous cases that involved a previously docile animal suddenly turning on its owner or innocent bystanders. While the breed has its supporters, its history and original purpose cannot always be suppressed through careful handling and training. One study suggested that strict regulation of the breed could potentially greatly reduce the mortality rates attributed to dog bites.

Some also lay blame for serious animal bites caused by pit bulls on animal shelters that place these dogs up for adoption. In many cases, the staff are uniformed about an animal’s past and have no idea of its true nature until it’s too late. Connecticut is a strict liability state that holds owners financially responsible for unprovoked dog attacks. Victims are entitled to pursue compensation for monetary damages via a personal injury lawsuit.