Those who enter a Connecticut establishment typically expect to be safe from harm. In order to avoid the risk that an individual will be injured while on a particular property, there are obligations that a properly owner or manager is expected to meet. When one suffers an injury while on the property of another, grounds may exist for filing a premises liability claim.

When an accident occurs while visiting the property of another, it may be challenging to gather the necessary evidence to prove one’s claim. These types of claims can include slip-and-fall accidents caused by slippery surfaces, cracked or broken sidewalks, faulty flooring or stairways or malfunctioning escalators. Property owners who are aware of such hazards are obligated to either correct the defects or provide adequate warnings that such conditions exist.

Once an accident has occurred, the injured party should ensure that the owner or manager is informed of the incident. Of course, it’s important to seek medical care and to document one’s injuries. If there are witnesses to the accident, statements from them may be useful. Photographs that document the conditions or possible video footage of the accident may also be relevant to a claim.

Shoppers and others who visit Connecticut businesses or other properties expect a safe and pleasant experience. Those who have suffered a serious injury due to a fall or other incident may struggle to recover not just from their physical injuries but also from the financial repercussions. Those facing these circumstances should consul;t a premises liability attorney at the first opportunity.