When a loved one is seriously injured or killed in a Connecticut motor vehicle crash, it may be frustrating for families to have to wait for justice. However, in many motorcycle accidents, an in-depth investigation may take months to complete in order to determine who may have been at fault. Recently, police completed an investigation that ended in a woman choosing to enter a guilty plea.

The accident occurred in October and led to a four-month investigation. Police determined that the crash was caused by a 59-year-old woman driving her automobile into oncoming traffic, which included approximately 18 motorcyclists traveling together. The crash killed a 33-year-old mother. Several other motorcyclists were injured, including one who suffered the loss of a leg.

The woman purportedly decided to plead guilty in order to spare the victims and the surviving family the ordeal of a trial. The investigation purportedly determined that the driver had two prescription medications in her bloodstream at the time of the fatal crash. She also reportedly had a blood alcohol level that was slightly over the legal limit at 0.09.

The woman pleaded guilty to charges of manslaughter, assault by motor vehicle and intoxicated driving. She is expected to be sentenced to a nine-year prison term next year. The surviving family and victims may take some comfort from the fact that the driver who caused such devastation is being held criminally responsible for their losses. However, in many of these tragic scenarios, victims are left to struggle with the enormous financial damages that quickly accumulate. Those who have suffered such losses due to Connecticut motorcycle accidents — or similar tragedies — through no fault of their own, may choose to pursue recovery of their monetary losses through the state’s civil justice system.