One of the most devastating events that can befall families is losing a loved one in a sudden and tragic manner. One of the most frequent causes of these deaths is traffic accidents caused by an inattentive or otherwise negligent motorist. Connecticut families who have been forever changed by these often preventable crashes may seek their own justice and closure through a wrongful death civil lawsuit.

One such accident claimed the life of a father of two children in June of 2016. The woman criminally charged in this wreck was recently sentenced to serve a 10-year prison sentence for causing the accident. The 43-year-old victim was riding his motorcycle down a local road when the 24-year-old woman pulled out of an intersecting road and collided with the motorcycle.

The driver had earlier entered a guilty plea to the charge of manslaughter by motor vehicle in the second degree. A judge ruled that the woman would be sentenced to a 10-year prison sentence but that he would suspend the remaining term after she serves 3 years. That 36-month term would be followed by five years of probation. Her defense attorney argued that she remained on scene and that she was a mother and a contributing member of society.

The attorney also argued that the woman’s blood alcohol testing may have provided an incorrect reading that led to a level that was slightly higher than the state’s legal limit of 0.08. There was no public statement offered by the victim’s family as to the devastating impact the man’s death has had on them. Families who have lost a loved one through a fatal accident in Connecticut, which can be attributed to the negligence of another party, may seek relief for their accompanying financial losses through the filing of a wrongful death civil suit.