Anytime someone makes a decision to cross a Connecticut roadway, the potential for a serious accident exists. In spite of traffic lights and marked crosswalks, car accidents that involve pedestrians seldom end well for the person on foot. Many of these tragedies result in death or significant injuries.

Recently, a 40-year-old woman died hours after being struck by a car in Wolcott. According to police, the victim was returning from a neighborhood store on a short errand. As she attempted to cross the street near her apartment complex, she was struck by a vehicle. According to the investigative report, the motorist did remain on the scene of the crash.

The woman was transported for treatment, but her injuries were too severe and she died the next day. Connecticut officials are investigating the factors that may have played role in this fatal accident, including whether the rain and darkness contributed as well as whether the victim was using the marked crossing located near the collision scene. They have not stated if the motorist is facing any charges in connection with this wreck.

The victim’s family are understandably shocked by her untimely death. In these types of car accidents surviving families may struggle with their grief and loss as well as the financial burdens caused by an untimely death. Since Connecticut is a comparative negligence state, if the evidence documents that an accident was more than 50 percent the fault of the motorist, then victims — or the surviving families of deceased victims — may be entitled to recovery of monetary damages through the state’s civil justice system.