The concept of safe driving is one that is at the forefront of the trucking industry. Car accidents involving these commercial vehicles often have a tragic outcome. A recent study has shown that commercial drivers in Connecticut have a better safety record than other areas of the country.

The two-year study was conducted by Verizon Connect and reviewed the driving habits of more than 6,000 fleets consisting of anywhere from two to approximately 200 vehicles. The study took many factors into consideration, including the numbers of fatalities compared to miles driven and the numbers of speeding events over both time and distance. The report concluded that tractor-trailer drivers along the Northeast Coast tend to have a better safety record than those in the South and areas of the Mid-West.

In addition to the Verizon Connect study, another company conducted a survey of commercial drivers to discover some of the most serious concerns they have as it relates to safe driving. Many cited the need for drivers of passenger cars to allow more traveling distance between vehicles and to avoid remaining in a trucker’s blind spot longer than required for passing. Other concerns involved making use of proper signalling and for fellow truckers to adjust speed to match driving conditions. They likewise advise travelers to watch for disabled trucks and take precautions to avoid collisions.

Several drivers responded with their concerns over fatigued truckers and the use of texting while driving. All of these factors can lead to serious car accidents and catastrophic injuries. Though Connecticut truckers ranked in the top ten for safety, there is always the possibility that an error on the part of another driver can lead to a tragic outcome. Those who have been seriously injured in these types of collisions usually also sustain significant monetary losses. Victims may consult with a personal injury attorney to discern the feasibility of filing a civil lawsuit to pursue recovery of those documented losses.