Normally, the greatest danger shoppers may face while visiting the nearby shopping mall is exceeding their budget. However, the number of shoppers who are injured while going about their daily shopping tasks has increased. Those who have been injured while patrons of a Connecticut business may be able to recover their damages under the premises liability laws.

There are several types of injuries that a shopper may suffer when visiting their local stores. The majority of them are minor and will not hamper one’s daily activities. There are more serious injuries that can occur, including fractures, head or spinal injuries and those that can be caused by icy parking lots or overcrowding. These types of injuries can cause long-lasting or even permanent disability along with the associated monetary damages.

A shopper can suffer injuries from a variety of hazardous conditions. These include cracked or damaged flooring, spills, unstable displays or shelving, poor lighting and malfunctioning escalators or entry way doors. Shopping carts can overturn, or overcrowding — such as what tends to occur during Black Friday sales — can lead to trampling injuries.

Those who have suffered from these types of incidents may have a case for holding the business or property owner responsible. Unsafe or hazardous conditions that should have been acknowledged and remedied are a recipe for disaster for unsuspecting patrons or workers. Connecticut shoppers who have suffered a significant injury may benefit from consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney who can offer advice regarding the feasibility of filing a premises liability civil claim against the parties who may be held liable for their documented financial losses.