Connecticut emergency responders are frequently called to the scene of serious crashes. Unfortunately, when the call is in response to motorcycle accidents, there is often the expectation that the injured parties may have suffered serious or even fatal head traumas. Many of these wrecks occur too quickly for a motorcyclist to take evasive actions that could potentially save his or her life.

One recent September evening, first responders were once again summoned to the scene of a crash involving a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle. The wreck took place in an intersection of two local roads. Investigators stated that a 25-year-old was driving a motorcycle when an 18-year-old motorist in a Jeep apparently crossed his path. The impact caused the biker to be ejected from his seat and flung through the air before slamming onto the surface of the roadway.

Officials said that the victim suffered significant head trauma and was transported to a nearby medical center where he was pronounced dead. He was not wearing protective headgear at the time. Police stated the the driver of the Jeep remained on scene and is cooperating with investigators.

Connecticut authorities have not yet filed any charges in connection with this fatal collision. They are still collecting evidence in the form of video footage in order to determine the causes that lead to this crash. The victim’s family are devastated by the untimely loss of their loved one. Whenever these types of motorcycle accidents claim the lives of victims, the survivors are often left with a lifetime of grieving along with the burden imposed by monetary damages that accumulate from medical and funeral expenses as well as the possible loss of income. In circumstances where the accident can be attributed to negligence on the part of another motorist, then the family may consider the merits of pursuing just compensation through the state’s civil justice system.