Traveling the interstates can be the most efficient method of getting to one’s destination quickly. However, due to the high speeds and heavy volume of traffic on these roadways, the danger of being involved in serious car accidents should result in motorists exercising due diligence behind the wheel. Unfortunately, a crash can occur without any warning, as one Connecticut victim recently discovered.

Officials reported that a section of I-91 North between two exits was the scene of a serious accident that left one man with critical injuries. The report indicated that a vehicle was pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway for reasons that are yet to be determined. The driver of that vehicle then exited and was apparently standing near his car while another vehicle was headed in his direction.

Police stated that the second motorist left the travel lane and collided forcefully with the first car. The impact of that collision shoved the stopped automobile forward and into the victim. He suffered serious injuries and was transported by emergency crews to a nearby medical facility. The five occupants of the second car — an adult and four minors — were also transported for treatment of less critical injuries.

Connecticut officials shut down that section of the interstate while they conducted their investigation. It is unknown at this time whether the second motorist will face any charges in connection with this wreck. Provided the victim survives, he will likely require an extended recovery time along with possible rehabilitation therapy, depending on the severity and nature of his injuries. Victims who suffer serious injuries as a result of car accidents caused by the negligence of another party may be entitled to seek relief from their monetary damages through a successfully navigated personal injury civil suit.