Last summer, a boy suffered serious injuries when a dog attacked him for retrieving a ball. Now, the Connecticut town where the attack occurred is in a battle over whether the canine should be euthanized. While Connecticut has laws regarding animal bites, there are no clear-cut policies regarding purportedly dangerous dogs. 

When the attack occurred, animal control agents seized the dog and decided that it should be euthanized. The dog’s owner, who happens to be a prominent citizen, launched a campaign to persuade the town’s officials to rescind the order and return to dog to its home. In order to achieve his goals, the owner retained the services of an attorney as well as a public relations firm to sway public opinion in favor of sparing the dog’s life.

Meetings to settle the issue have not been conclusive because there has been too much publicity and threats of a federal lawsuit if the town does not reverse its initial ruling. In the meantime, the victim faces additional medical procedures in an effort to promote further healing of the significant wounds he received to his thigh and arm. The severity of the attack could have resulted in the boy’s death without his defensive efforts.

The neighbors who reside beside the dog’s owner do not want it returned as they have complained about the animal’s aggression. Furthermore, the dog in question has bitten others in the past. The dispute over whether to euthanize the dog is more about the correct interpretation of what constitutes a dangerous animal.

The fate of this particular dog remains to be seen. Based on Connecticut’s strict liability laws, victims who suffer serious injuries from animal bites in an unprovoked attack are entitled to compensation for their financial losses. An experienced attorney can assist victims in seeking relief for their monetary losses so that they may focus on recovering their physical and emotional well-being