No matter how experienced or skilled a driver may be, the operation of a motorcycle is often a dangerous undertaking. Those who get caught up in motorcycle accidents seldom walk away from such terrifying wrecks without suffering serious injuries. Another recent collision in Connecticut between a motorist and a biker resulted in one suffering critical injuries.

According to the early reports, a 77-year-old woman was driving her pickup truck along a local route. As she attempted to navigate a turn onto another road, she purportedly entered the path of an oncoming motorcycle. The 28-year-old operator of the bike was unable to avoid colliding with the larger vehicle.

Emergency responders to the scene placed a call for a medical helicopter to transport the critically injured motorcyclist. He is reportedly in stable condition with what were described as critical injuries. Neither the nature of those injuries nor his prognosis were disclosed in the report that was released to the public. The driver of the pickup was not harmed in the collision.

It is unclear whether Connecticut officials will file any charges against the elderly motorist in connection with this crash. The victim likely faces a long and arduous recovery from his physical injuries. In addition, he may also face the burden of significant monetary losses that serious motorcycle accidents impose on victims and their families in the following weeks and months. When there is evidence to show that these often catastrophic wrecks are the fault of another motorist, then it may be possible to seek monetary relief for one’s documented financial damages through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit through the state’s civil courts.