The warmer months lead to more motorcyclists indulging in their love of riding. As a result, Connecticut typically sees an increase in the numbers of motorcycle accidents that result in serious injuries. In a recent incident, witnesses played an important role in assisting police.

According to the report, a local CBS news crew was on the scene of another story when the sounds of a loud collision were noted. Crews immediately located the source of the sound and began reporting on the scene of a serious motorcycle accident. Witnesses stated that a driver of an SUV struck the motorcyclist and then drove away from the scene. The operator of the bike suffered undisclosed injuries and was transported by emergency workers to a nearby medical center.

The report indicated that witnesses of the collision were able to follow the driver of the vehicle and kept officials informed of the driver’s location. Due to the efforts of these individuals, police were able to find the driver and take the unidentified individual into custody. Though there was no formal announcement, it seems likely that the driver involved will face criminal charges in connection with the wreck.

Connecticut officials have not released any details regarding the condition or prognosis of the injured motorcyclist. The actions of a bystander and the efforts of witnesses may provide an opportunity for the victim to seek justice for any injuries and monetary damages. Whenever Connecticut travelers are injured in motorcycle accidents that can be attributed to the negligence of another party, they are entitled to seek just compensation for their financial losses by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court.