Life comes with no promises of a tragedy-free existence. Unfortunately, the choices that others make can leave a trail of devastation for Connecticut families in the event those choices prove to be deadly. When a fatal crash takes the life of a loved one, the surviving family may consider filing a wrongful death suit against the parties deemed liable for their losses.

Recently, a prosecutor stated that a man who has been deemed responsible for causing a fatal collision was intoxicated. According to the police reports, the 22-year-old driver was purportedly on a test drive with a pickup truck to consider the purchase of that vehicle. At some point during the drive, he attempted to pass a vehicle that was in his path. In the course of overtaking the slower vehicle, the truck collided with the rear of the car.

The motorist who was driving that second car, who was described as a 54-year-old, was killed in the wreck. The man driving the truck is now facing charges that include manslaughter by motor vehicle and driving while intoxicated. According to Connecticut officials, the man was under the influence of several substances, including alcohol and illegal drugs.

He is currently being held without bail after entering a plea of not guilty during his recent arraignment. In addition to being under the influence, the driver was also purportedly exceeding posted speed limits by nearly three times. The family of the victim is now forced to accept his untimely death while also struggling with the financial damages that have likely been caused by this tragedy. Families who find themselves in these incomprehensible circumstances may seek relief from their monetary losses through the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit through the civil justice system.