The legal drinking age has been set at 21 for several years now. However, that has not deterred many college students from indulging in adult beverages and then climbing behind the wheel of a vehicle. Sadly, drinking and driving is a significant factor in many underage car accidents in Connecticut and elsewhere.

Recently, a former college student was sentenced for her role in a serious collision that occurred two years ago. At the time, the then 19-year-old woman stated that she had been indulging in alcoholic drinks at a local college dormitory. She then got in her vehicle and was driving under the influence when she encountered a 36-year-old man riding a scooter.

Her vehicle struck the two-wheeled vehicle from behind. The impact with the automobile resulted in the rider suffering significant spinal injuries that have caused him to become paralyzed and lose the use of his lower extremities. The woman did stop and summon emergency assistance, and she attempted to provide first aid until emergency crews arrived on scene.

A judge sentenced her to serve 26 weeks for causing the wreck. She expressed contrition to the court and the victim for her decision to drink and drive. The woman expressed her hope to return to college after she has served her time, though her victim will not have the opportunity to fully return to his former way of life. Whenever car accidents result in victims suffering catastrophic injuries, they often struggle to handle the daily tasks in life, let alone the monetary damages that are often incurred. Connecticut victims can seek just compensation through the filing of a personal injury civil suit.